Possible to delete tracks from Core music store?

Hi - instead of deleting a whole ripped cd from the Core music store, is it possible to delete just selected tracks? I have a cd with ripping errors on a couple of tracks which I’d like to delete while keeping the rest of the cd. It doesn’t look like this is possible on the Core app.

No you cannot delete tracks just have to skip. More often than not, if the Core has saved them as playable…they sound fine. If it fails to rip a track, it does not play…best buy a second hand one. In the UK we have a number of second hand cd shops online for £1-2 a cd.

OK, thanks Gazza

An alternative that I have done in such a situation; I try ripping the CD using one of a number of ripping programs and a couple of different drives on my windows laptop (which I use for sorting and editing downloads, editing metadata, transcoding formats, ripping and storing FLACs for portable players etc…). I can usually get something that’s useable this way. I then add it to music on an external portable drive that is then plugged into the Core for just such things.

You can with Innuos. The metadata is very accurate even for classical. It understands box sets. Occasionally I have to correct the cover. I add extra tags for classical and can get the App (iPeng) to give me extra browse categories based on tags. So I can filter for opera, symphony, chamber, jazz or whatever suits. It has a complete metadata editor. I tried UnitiServe and Core before discovering Innuos. The Zenith is a top end music player into my nDAC via Audiophilleo +PurePower USB to spdif.


As Gazza suggested, I played the cd tracks which the Naim app said had ripping errors, and they sounded ok, so I’m good for now. I guess the Core ripping software notes any errors even though they are minor and may not affect play in any significant way. Thanks again - Bob

My Core is ripping fine now that it’s been serviced by Naim…but when ripping one cd of a brand new 2-CD set, it persistently came up with ripping errors on two tracks. Funny thing was, though, that I tried this disc about seven or eight times, and the number of errors kept varying from two to five on each of the five tracks. No other discs have caused me problems recently. However my question really relates to ‘What do you do on the Naim app when ripping errors are reported?’ Just accept it? Or try with a new disc? Is there no way to correct these errors?

I had a few cd,s when the Core was introduced
that failed to rip. I-sent them to Naim as they were interested, they said that these discs were quite long cd,s above cd red book limits. The Core uses a slimline optical reader and can have the odd difficulty. Naim ripped them on a larger optical reader and burnt a cdr for me. This was about 6 cd,s out of 1600…so i cannot complain. You may be able to rip and burn your problem cd,s on a friends pc? Or perhaps your dealer can help and put on a usb stick and then import?

Thanks for that. The funny thing was that every time I tried to rip it, it gave a different number of faults, but always the same two tracks were highlighted. As it was a brand new cd, I’ve sent it back and will try with the replacement. Cheers!

To add to Gazza’s comments, I have only had one CD that gave me errors. It’s wirth giving it a really good wash and dry it carefully. Look very hard to see if there is anything stuck on the surface of the disc, remembering that CDs are the opposite of vinyl, so the start is in the centre and the end of the recording is at the edge.

If it rips with some errors but still rips each track then you could have a listen and see whether you can hear anything wrong , because you may not be able to or it may not bother you that much. Of course if it’s a new CD then getting it replaced is an obvious thing to do.

Although the Core’s drive is a slim one, it’s still pretty good. I was trying to play a badly scratched CD in my wife’s car. It was volume 1 of Charlotte’s Web, a freeby from a newspaper years ago, and being keenly consumed by my grandchildren. Two tracks were unplayable, even after a good wash and an attempt at polishing the suspect area of the disc.

So I tried it in the Core which ripped it with no errors, even finding the metadata for me (although to be fair only one of the three CDs had album art). Then I copied them from the music/MQ folder of my Core to a USB stick and that played perfectly in the car! Grandchildren happy too.


Thanks for that info too, David. How do you find the Music/MQ folder of the core to be able to transfer files to a usb stick, AND is that also the way to add downloads to the core’s ssd drive? Cheers, Another David :slight_smile:

You should read the instructions for using the downloads folder in Naim’s online support pages. When you put an SSD or HDD in the Core and make it your music store during set up, it formats the new drive and adds music and downloads folders. The MQ sub-folder of the Music folder is where the Core keeps its own rips and you are not allowed to alter anything in the Music folder, except using the Naim app. You can copy files though and paste them elsewhere.

The downloads folder will be there already then, but you can’t do anything to that with the app. So you have to use a PC to add downloaded music to it. You will find lots of advice in the forum, although that on the old forum is very hard to find as Naim haven’t got the search working usefully yet. But if you need help then start a thread and ask for it! There are several Core users on here regularly.

Just realised I didn’t answer the question about finding the Music/MQ folder. It’s right there next to the downloads folder so you can choose either if you follow the instructions for finding the downloads folder.



Thank you for that information, David, that is really useful. I do think it’s a shame that the Core doesn’t come with a printed manual to discover things like that, rather than just a pamphlet. Cheers!

I have been ripping a lot of CDs on the Core, and something occurred to me… If I have a disc which rips ok but one track has errors…If I borrow a different copy of the CD from a friend and that particular track rips ok, surely when the Core is attached to the same network as my Macbook Pro, shouldn’t I be able to rip the WAV of this particular track on my laptop, then substitute the track’s file by doing it on the computer? Or doesn’t the Core give me the necessary permissions to do that? (I know I can do that kind of thing using the ‘Downloads’ folder of the Core using ‘Finder’ on the Mac…)

You aren’t allowed to do anything inside the music/MQ folders except copy them. The official reason is that this can break the file indexing of the Core and at worst you have to reformat the music store and rip everything again.

But if you can borrow a copy of the disc that is OK then you just rip that in the Core and it will overwrite the existing faulty copy on the Core, so you will be fine then.



I have a few discs with errors, and i cannot hear any artifacts in the music. If you think you can hear them then yes, as David suggests a new disc will overwrite the faulty one.

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