Possible to repair track-specific Core ripping errors?

Is there any way to have the Core focus on re-ripping ONLY the tracks that have ripping errors? A few of my CD rips have a significant number of errors on a few tracks, but the rest are good. If I re-rip, always get different error counts the second time around, and often on different tracks. I don’t see any Core function to just “repair ripping errors”, leaving the good tracks alone, so I’m asking here just in case I’m missing something . . .

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Not that i am aware of, like you I found it a bit like russian roulette.

No there isn’t a way to do that. A work around is to copy (not move) all the good tracks into the downloads folder and rip again and again etc. If you manage eventually to get everything without errors then you can delete the latest rip and just use the copy now in downloads.

I find that washing and drying the offending CD carefully often removes some of the errors. Also you may find that even though there are errors on the rips of some tracks, you can’t actually notice them in practice. Of course if the Core gives up on a track completely then you will notice that!

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That’s a great idea, thanks David. And you’re right about not hearing the ripping errors. The old CD player was also sputtering over those same errors, I expect, undetected by me.

Funny thing - I tried ripping a test CD that had very specific dropouts built into the test tracks - and the Core failed to rip the bigger dropouts, but succeeded on the smaller dropouts with a few errors. That inspires confidence that my Core’s performance is legitimate.

Other option might be to ask any friends if they have some of the CD’s you are struggling with, to borrow.

When I first purchased my Core , I spent a LONG time ripping all my CDs. 90% of the CDs (mostly ones from the 90’s) that had errors I used Windex and a Micro-Fibre cloth - let them dry out and the problem was solved with a re-rip. There are a few, literally a handful (out of 2500 odd) that I can’t rip cleanly and have just had to ignore the odd track - OR find a second hand version of a newer pressing.

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I recently added a cd that was showing a few errors, I just gave the cd a good clean and tried again. It took about 4 runs to get rid of all the errors but it did eventually rip the cd error free. What I did find strange was that it wasn’t always the same track.


Another solution is to try ripping the CD on another drive, such as your PC, then dragging the file and dropping it into the downloads folder.

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And a variant of that is to make a copy of the damaged CD using a PC, which you can play in a CD player and/or rip as you choose.

That was the solution, thanks David: burning a CD copy, which the Core swallowed with no errors. I expect that those errors detected by the Core are now an integral part of the audio track, but it successfully ripped, and still sounds better than the CD played on my CD player

FYI, the Windex and microfibre treatment yielded a reduction in error count on some tracks but ultimately wasn’t enough to allow the Core to succeed.

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If you do this, make sure the software you use rips a perfect copy (eg EAC). Remember, the reason you’re getting ripping errors with the NAIM software is because it’s trying to copy without any errors - a regular ripping/copying program probably won’t do as good a job and you’ll probably get copies that contain lots of errors.

Yes, but when the Naim Audio software won’t rip it at all, it may be better to accept the PC rip than nothing. Besides, can you hear the difference?

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