Possible upgrade?

Hello, I’m looking for opinions of more experienced Naim users. I have an itch so maybe you can calm it)

I have a DAC-V1/NAP 100 system, source is a PC via USB. I love the sound all the way, but I have 2 unused shelves on my rack, so I’ve been thinking about buying an olive pair - preamp and HiCap. I will use a DAC-V1 just as DAC after that of course. So couple of questions. I’m looking only for shoeboxes since I have the custom rack for this size.

  1. Will it be a significant difference between NAC 62 and NAC 72? What’s better?
  2. Wouldn’t it downgrade the sound quality? I don’t want to swap NAP 100 for 140 because it will ruin the aesthetics.
  3. Can I power the 62/72 from a modern FlatCap? Might be cheaper than serviced olive HiCap.

Thank you.

If you are only considering shoebox sized units, the Flatcap is a non starter, surely? Both the 62 and 72 need a Hicap. Why not just stick with what you’ve got? Buying units you really don’t need to fill gaps in a rack that don’t need to be filled seems a little odd. You could always remove the empty shelves if they upset you. Or ditch the PC and go for an ND5XS2 and a Nait XS. And a new rack.

I don’t understand. You will be mixing Olive and black boxes in any case, so why would an olive power amp (on a rack with an olive preamp) be more of a mismatch?

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Thanks for your reply.

It’s mostly about the looks) so you think 62/72 and HiCap won’t do anything to sound quality?

FlatCap is just a cheaper option, I can place it under TV)

Because 3 olives and one black don’t look good to me compared to 2/2.

Yes you can power 62 or 72 with Flatcap
Not sure about a possible downgrade, but obviously different way to skin a cat.

Nac 62 were entrylevel, 72 were top until Nac 52 was released.
They are all mighty fine but 2-3 decades old by now, in any case I’d get them serviced before use.

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Thank you for your informative reply!

I’m not sure I understand your priorities. Sound >> appearance for me - we’re taking about music making machines, not artworks.

Like I said - I like the sound I have now, just wondering if an old preamp can make it worse. I just want two more boxes, that’s all)

Have you considered a tuner Nat 01 or 101 with separate psu ?
They are so cool looking, sound incredible, if you have an antenna and analog input.(Which you don’t have in V1)

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No, I’m not into radio at all, and not enough shelves too))
I will go for 72/HiCap.

Nat 01/Snaps are same size as 72/Hicap, but never mind, 72 is a fantastic classic preamp.

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