Posting a turntable

Has anyone got experience of posting a TT?
Mine is Rega Planar 3 - I have the original box.
Would I just be able to post it carefully packed in that and insured?
Or is that not done?
Should I state ‘collect only’?

I have sold a few and never had an issue. You have the original box and that is the safest way to transport it. Make sure you use a reputable courier and also have it insured. Best of luck.

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I only posted a turntable once (photograph in another thread) - I packed it carefully and lovingly, it took me hours. I removed the platter ok, but forgot to remove the sub-platter… needless to say, the arm was damaged on arrival. I won’t post another turntable.

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I really do not see any issues here as you have the original packaging and that is very likely how it reached the dealer in the first place from the manufacturer/distributor and then you.

Yes, it should work if I was a knowledgable dealer or distributor who’d done it before.
But if there are any tricks like transport screws, removing sub-platters, putting shaped slices of cardboard here or there to stop X rubbing on Y then I might make a nasty mistake…

You can post a Rega. I have done it many times. Be careful about others.

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Do I have to remove the tonearm weight?

Yes, definitely remove the counterweight from the arm. Then secure the arm to the armrest using a small cable tie to ensure it doesn’t come loose accidentally.


I once posted a Thorens TD 150:with Rega RB300, without problem, and have posted many other delicate or heavy things.

I reasoned that it was best to remove anything easily removeable that could move freely or had significant inertia. I therefore removed the platter and subplatter, packing in bubble-wrap that I placed beneath the plinth (with protective packing below. If tgere are transit screws of course use them, otherwise if anything is free to move use foam to try to wedge. I think I removed the counterbalance weight though I don’t recall for certain - i suggest there’s no harm if it comes off readily. If your TT has a lid, then I would put something slightly cushining between the lid and the plinth surfaces it contacts such as a piece of thin foam. And you’ll need sufficient cushioned space above the lid to be sure that knocks or pressure won’t risk damaging it. If the TT has no lid then more solid packaging would be needed between whatever is exposed and the top of the box, but in such a way that nothing can put pressure on the arm, vertically or laterally.

With things like that, that are are of value,I like to pack well, as described above, seal the box with a well-taped layer of plastic, e.g. a stout bin-liner, ensude my contact details are on that, then pack in an oversize box with an inch or more of bubble-wrap, foam etc all the way round. If you don’t have exact size boxes you can always modify one. And I always use ‘Fragile’ stickers on all external surfaces (I have a roll of tape like parcel tape, white with ‘Fragile’ printed repeatedly in red.), also mark arrows for the preferred way up, and mark clearly “please do not drop or crush”. Of course that doesn’t stop it being dropped or crushed, but I reason that ir might help.

And finally, make sure it is insured for an adequate amount in case all fails!

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Great adive all - many thanks.

Is it normal to leave the cartridge in place?

Ideally you would remove it, but it’s fine to leave it in place so long as the arm is properly secured. If you have the stylus guard, then re-fit that to the cart.

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