Potential Naim upgrade

I currently have a predominantly naim system comprising the following ;
NDX 2 streamer
NAC 252
NAP 250 DR
Supercap DR

I am investigating the next logical upgrade for the most noticeable improvement in sound quality yet obviously retaining compatibility. Speakers are mark I Shahinian hawks.
Comments welcome.

Nap 250 >> 300!
Personally, 252/300 is the best Naim amp combo. I’ve heard 500 and statement, and for me, 300 is where it’s at.

The other option is xps dr >> 555 on the ndx2.


Do you have dedicated mains and good system supports?

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What hh said. Racks are surprisingly important.

Source first. ND555.

It’s a bit of a dilemma. The Hawk is an awful lot of speaker, so a 300 would be very beneficial. On the other hand, upping the source rarely fails. I’d probably look at both 300 and a 555PS as the first steps. After doing dedicated mains and making sure I had a good stand of course.

Hawks are a pig to drive, a 250DR is hardly enough.
Never heard a NDX2 but would consider a turntable for best possible source.

I have same electronics and i went first for 555DR and full super lumina cables. Nice upgrade and i was impressed by the cables. 300 is next after i change my speakers, have in mind that it is 2 boxes upgrade and more cables to handle.

With your speakers, definitely a 300 first. NDX2/XPSDR will not be out of its depth, although you might later consider a 555PS next.

I’ve done the same and agree that this is a good option. However, the OP’s speakers might also enjoy the 300 up them if the room and setup is suitable. On the other hand, the 555 and S/L will get a lot more out of the 252/250.

From what I’ve read on the forum, the biggest single move SQ improvement could be changing the 252 to a 552. Not the cheapest tho …
Just a thought.

Another vote for the NAP 300 DR. Perfect partner for the 252.

Indeed, it raises the perineal 552/250 versus 252/300 handbags at dawn.

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Having heard a Solstice and an ND555 in the same 500 system, same tracks on LP or in digital format, I second Per’s opinion; not only a Solstice costs less than an ND555, but for the money you get much. The OP may not be interested in a turntable, which is perfectly fine, but since I heard what vinyl can do, I am reluctant to give convenience a priority.

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That has to be the best autocorrection for a little while.


Thanks for really helpful responses so far with plenty of food for thought. If it were a competition ( which it is not ) the upgrading from the Nap 250 DR to the 300 is slightly ahead of the new 555 DR suggestion. Comments on the quality of the rack and the cables noted. Either way it will be expensive.
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Hawks require power, so a Nap 300 should be the fi4st step. And what @hungryhalibut said about dedicated mains.

Unless the OP owns much of his music as vinyl, recommending a turntable is…misguided.
I don’t know his speakers so not best placed to advise. Ideally needs to audition 552/250 vs 252/300 with his speakers.

So, I guess we can take it that a NAC 552 is out of the question? I think you’d be amazed by the uplift. But they are kind of pricy …

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