Pots on (S)Naxo

Recently, I realized something that was somewhat surprising.

It seems that the active filter faders do not all work the same way.

Have you ever noticed this feature on (S)Naxo?

some clockwise

others in reverse


As far as I understood all SNAXO pots work counterclockwise, i.e. you increase the output level by turning counterclockwise.

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Is that not just the same pot with a different arrow superimposed on it
A picture of the two different types might be better

In the pictures it is the same pots, with an arrow to illustrate the two situations.

My Naxo works according to picture 1 clockwise.

Crifo, my NAXO works the same way than yours, clockwise.
(Maybe they turn in different directions, depending on being in the UK on in continental Europe… :crazy_face:)
MArco :tophat:

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I’ve recently acquired a naxo 2-4, and was unaware of the trim pots inside. On opening up the unit, there are 4 blue pots in each corner of the board. Can anyone comment on which pot is which, in regard to LF and HF gain CH1 and CH2 ?
Also, should you make adjustments during listening or totally isolate during the process ?
I would be using an RS plastic trim pot adjuster by the way.

With Thanks, joolz.

When opening the Naxo in front:

Left up —> HF CH2

Right up —> HF CH1

Bottom left —> LF CH2

Bottom right —> LF CH1

Many thanks Crifo, very useful indeed.

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