Powder coating finish differences

Today while dusting the components I realized that the finish on the SN3 is lot smoother than that on the NDX2 which is more rough, is that done purposely on the source components or it’s only a difference of batches, has anyone noticed this :thinking:?

To my eye and touch, the top plates of my XS3 and ND5XS2 have the same level of roughness. They are only 1 year apart.

IIRC, due to the nature of the process there’s a tolerance range in the texture of the finish. I guess if you have two boxes at opposite ends of the tolerance range a slight difference might be noticeable if you look for it.

Thanks a lot Richard for the clarification, may be also because the units are manufactured in separate years.

FWIW my 300DR PS casing is grey and my other boxes deep black. Not sure how it could pass a QC test but I stopped thinking about it since it’s so awesome :slight_smile: Bought new I would have argued for a replacement of the casing though.

May be because of the heat generated by the unit the colour changed to grey.

It’s never hot and fans never turn on. It’s always been in the same rack as the head unit which is deep black so they have got same amount of sunlight. It’s also totally even in the grey finish so I’m sure it’s been like this all the way from new.

I have a 300DR and the cases are as deep black as all my other boxes after several years of use. They shouldn’t turn gray for any reason.

I have also seen Naim boxes turn slightly purple from black.

Fortunately my boxes all seemed to be reasonably consistent, as Richard pointed out the problem is that between 2 extremes of the tolerance (+/-) it can appear to look like a completely different finish. This issue occurs in all types of things from materials to metal finishes.

Yes and the acceptance criteria is normally following retail price.

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So my 252 has a grey tinge to the top possibly with the sunlight is it possible to have it re powder coated

I wonder if one could ask to replace the casing on the next routine service. Anyone know the cost of a new casing for the classic series?

IIRC, if the powder coat finish has a bit more texture to it then it can make it look slightly grey in the light - a bit like the earlier sleeves.

On my box the one that has a more grey finish indeed feel more rough. Bit like 100 grit sandpaper :sunglasses:

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