Power Amp connection Error

So I might have somewhat hamfistedly connected up my NAP155 via the Link 1 socket rather than the Correct power amp input on my 202, I’m pretty sure this is the link socket for the NAPSC that should be blanked if no NAPSC is present … (NAPSC connected).

Hypothetically would that cause any problem… I’m not even really sure what this socket does or how the circuit works, I think its something to do with the logic board, the amp protested loudly but still works ok, but I could swear it’s a bit muffled sounding but that could just been because its been moved and hasn’t settled down yet…

I know it’s not correct and just want to either be reassured that it wouldn’t cause any damage and I’m being paranoid or be told what an amateur munter I am and get it looked at…


Hopefully all OK, but probably best for someone like @NeilS to advise here.

I’d be impressed if you managed to plug a 4 pin DIN plug from your power amp into the 2 pin NAPSC socket!

Probably referring to the 4 pin Link socket.

Yep the 4 pin socket labelled Link 1…

That sounds possible! NAPSC is the Upgrade 1 socket next to it.

That’s an interesting misconnection !

Plugging a SNAIC4 in between the 155 and the Link 1 socket (and with the NAPSC powered) can result in 18v appearing on the CH2 input on the 155, but as the 0v pin is not connected on the Link 1 socket there should be no damage to the 155. I expect you got a very loud buzz and switched the 155 off rather quickly…

As Richard says, @NeilS is the expert here and should be able to put your mind at rest :crossed_fingers:

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Ha yes indeed - loud buzz and rapid retreat

Hi Guys,

James is correct, there is no 0V at the link 1 socket, so the power amp would have no ground reference.
As you’d imagine, it wouldn’t be very happy about it, but I wouldn’t have thought any damage would be done as the input caps are there to block DC.



Thanks Neil

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