Power amp for Uniti Atom HE - please advise

I have bought Naim uniti Atom HE and would like to connect it to NAIM power amplifier but I do not know which. Would like newer date power amp is also criteria. Temporarily I have connected it to Rega Brio so actually I have 2 preamp (one of Atom and one of Brio) modules and would like to get rid of that kind of connection. Also, on internet are many schemes how to connect RCA to DIN but I would appreciate professional advice from you here! Thank You for your time and attention.

To connect to a Naim power amplifier such as the NAP90, NAP110, NAP120, NAP140, NAP150, NAP160, NAP180, or NAP200 you’ll need a 2 x RCA Phono to DIN4 interconnect. I would recommend the Naim one or else Chord Chrysalis, which you can often find secondhand for a reasonable price.

There’s also the NAP100 which is a fairly recent small form factor power amp and that offers a choice of RCA Phonos or DIN4.


May i ask why do you want to connect a power amp to the Atom?

That’ll be because the Atom HE has no built in power amp.

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That’s really quite a good reason HH. By the way, good to see you back on the Naim Forum.

Best regards, BF

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Thanks BF. Someone’s got to answer these challenging questions.


Right - did not read the HE part…although own one myself :sweat_smile:

OK, thank You!

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You could also consider active speakers as an option here, ATC or similar. Another option depending on how important the headphone features are in the Atom HE, is a NSC 222 with either a NAP 250 or similar Active speakers. The weakest link here is the preamp output on the Atom HE, you can almost certainly get better especially if the headphone feature it provides isn’t your top priority.

Which amp would suit would depend in part on your speakers, either ones you have or ones you expect to get, and of course on your budget, and on your future expectations or desires (e.g. whether you are simply going for a stand alone system to use indefinitely, or whether you expect to upgrade your system over time. identifying your thoughts on these factors would help you and help others make appropriate suggestions.

If you have no speakers and nothing specific in mind, and of course depending on budget, and on whether their sound is to your taste, active speakers (with built-in power amps, and no passive crossover) like ATC SCM40A would make for a very straightforward system with your Atom HE, and they are extremely good value for money (if you like them!).

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At the moment I have Rega RX1 speakers that are connected to Brio. There is a wishlist for PMC 22i in future mind. Never been on audition of any ATC model and I am not so familiar with their brand. On the other side, at our local dealer I had many opportunities to listen to PMCs.

PMC also make active speakers, If you like PMC’s presentation there’s every chance you’d appreciate ATC’s, their active speakers are rather good and reasonably priced considering what they’re capable of.

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Please tell me how old should second hand Naim napXXX be, before I call off for service check?

8-10 years usually.


You can always check a specific unit here:

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Though somewhat differently, their amps not built in but sitting behind or beside the speakers

pmc-speakers professional/active

They’re all regular Active speakers with amps in them?

I was thinking of the acrive versions of their SE series. Yes, I was aware of the pro ones, though people don’t normally use domestically so I hadn’t thought of them - but of course there is nothing to stop their use, so thank you for drawing attention to them.

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Wow. They’ve got divorce written all over them :grinning: