Power amp for Uniti Atom HE - please advise

They do do smaller ones! Including a version of the MB2 - (the active pro one is MB3 (and smaller still) - but I believe all are black. Of course, some people like black speakers so not much difference perhaps from black domestic versions…

Do you mean good channel separation?


Not sure how much channel separation you would get with those speakers… HaHa.

Wall of sound seems more appropriate.

Indeed. My wife would like those. I’d have none of it. :smiley:

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An acquaintance of mine suggested (just 4 play) to get Phase linear 400 that is functional and see how that works. Also, he has Bowers and Wilkins DM6 that are connected to mentioned amp. Even tough it is tempting I do not know how would that old electronics work in between. Do not want to ruin new Atom. Also, speakers are showing their age :frowning:

A wall of sound, literally!

I’d suggest active PMC Result speakers or if using the Twenty5 seried, a second hand NAP200 is probably the perfect balance of power amp goid enough for the PMCs and not too good for the Atom.

As you won’t need the preamp power supply feature a second hand non DR version should be a bargain.

Please explain?

Well, you could totally stick a 250 or 300 on an Atom and it will work. It will in fact sound great. But it will also be a waste of money. You won’t be delivering what those power amps really deserve in terms of source or preamp.

The 200 is sort of on the threshold and made extra appealing by the fact a non DR version (which sounds nearly identical to the DR version when not used as a power supply) can be had for a bargain on the second hand market.

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I’d imagine the active speaker route is more sensible allocation of funds, you’ve plenty of options here beyond PMC or ATC that likely are more synergistic and budget friendly like Focal (Shape 65) or Accoustic Energy (AE1 Active) as examples.
You could still spend new (active) speaker money on a used NAP and find your Rega speakers lack refinement.

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Dear all, I have an offer to catch: NAP 155xs from 2012ish. It is compatible, wright?

I have a NAP 250 DR attached to my Atom HE and it sounds really great.

As @feeling_zen says, the HE is not fully showing what the 250 can do but if you do manage to get a good deal on a larger NAP than 200 you can swop out the HE for something like a NCS 222 later.

FWIW I have also listened to the HE attached to a NAP 200 and the 250DR does sound noticeably better in the pairing.


Then I should save for a better amp, thought so but was nervous to switch :joy:

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Well all depends what you want to achieve. If this is something you want to end up with then a 200 will be fine. And many other options as well.

But there are many preloved 250 DR coming free with the release of the new classics range.

All depends on what you want to achieve and spend.


That’s great innit?! Even poor people like me can now afford a 250.


As I’ve said in previous posts, have a long term system plan in mind, the power amp is only one part of many in a complete system, you could add a NAP 200 or even a NAP 250 and then find you aren’t entirely happy as the speakers aren’t entirely synergistic to the rest of your system or that your cabling isn’t optimal. I’d be inclined to also rethink if the Atom HE is really the best preamp for your needs. If you really want a separate preamp and power amp setup and can afford it, then adding a NAP 250 now with a mind to replace your Atom HE with a NSC 222 later on would make a lot of sense as one potential upgrade path.
Trust your own ears and be kind to your wallet first and foremost, it’s relatively easy to find yourself convinced you’ll only be happy at a place you can’t afford and end up frustrated or constantly making “affordable” changes and not really finding system synergy.
I’d encourage you again to explore active speaker options as a potential happy middle ground and allow you to maximise the potential of your Atom HE.

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I was thinking to buy amplifier as you suggest (200 or 250) if better one come across. Also after amp., trade Rega RX1 for PMC 22(i) maybe. Then, with little improvements go to separate preamp and streamer. That should be in future. It seems from this point and trading options in Croatia that there are only old amps (15years and more) for sale. I want newer as possible.
Thank you for suggesting active speakers but that is not my game. I was raised with separates and truly love them.

That has benefits too. I’ve bought a Nap 200 for Euro 700 and immediately had it serviced for ~250 Euros or so. That path does give you as new performance and usually a tip-top state of an amp.

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That would be a bargain, have you seen the official service pricelist recently ?

Per, you should really check the EU based service centres. I’ve mentioned LASA before to you, its within the EU and fully authorised.

Edit: and they are good and really responsive. Usually respond within the day.

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