Power Amp for Unitiqute


I need an advice from You. I wish to concentrate my system around Unitiqute. I’ve moved to new tiny flat and I would like to add Naim Nap100 power amp to my Qute. I also own Nait XS and Flatcap XS. I’ve been using XS as a power amp with Unitiqute without Flatcap till now. Speakers are tiny RLS Callisto III (polish design) which replaced PMC DB1 Gold ( I find them overpriced, with carton like bass and poorly defined treble, lacking in build and quality, compared to aforementioned)

Will Nap 100 be a good replacement of XS as a power unit? Or should I stick with XS and do not worry about new addition, cause only advantage I would get is 2 nice looking units next to each other? Selling XS and Flatcap could give me over 1k return. For 500Ł I can have brand new Nap 100. Is the game worth the candle?

RLS Callisto III - amazing bass and soundstage! (RRP: 600Ł)

Hi, just curious what you find lacking in the unitiqute that you are not using it solo with your speakers. Are they difficult to drive?

These are, yes, 81db sensivity - very low, but in return thy give you really nice, deep, controlled bass that is unbelievable for the size ( they are smaller than PMC DB1) - not comparable to anything I 've ever heard in this segment. So, addition of XS as a power amp makes a huge difference. These are “cheap” speakers with expensive drivers (mid woofers at least).

I also own Dali Opticon 2 and Unitiqute drives them very well - the difference in sound quality beetwen Qute and XS is very small with Opticons. Though Dali’s give you very pleasant and likeable, quite accurate presentation, they are still budget speakers with budget sound. Its different story with RLS - they give you sound which is on par with Harbeth P3ESR but with deeper bass.

(I tend to buy small manufacture’s products. You pay 1k for a pair of bookshelves, which are not widely recognised and reviewed, but you get well made, unique product often with quality drivers worth 70% of speaker’s asking price! ( driver’s retail price). I sometimes examine the price o parts put into the projects I am interested in and I came up with conclusion that big brands sell us speakers that are worth max 10% (in parts, labour and materials) compared to RRP. I understand money put into research etc. So… thats why I buy from small, often one man, manufacturers. Sorry for off-top)

PS: English is my second language

81 dB sensitivity is very low and I’m not convinced that adding a 100 will make much difference. Many people have written that adding a 100 loses some of the Qute’s magic. I would consider getting a used non-DR 200, or swapping the Qute for a SuperUniti.

Hello and welcome. I had a UQ2 and a NAP100 did improve things, but not hugely, whereas a Uniti2 or SuperUniti is a big step up.

But isn’t your XS rated at 70W? The NAP100 is 50W, so you would be driving less output to your speakers, not more. You could consider getting a new ND5 XS2 as your streamer and run it through the Nait XS, would would I think be quite an improvement and a well balanced system with the Flatcap.

I read that Nap 100 improves things but many users prefer Unitiqute on its own. I was thinking about either Uniti or Nap 200. Supernait and ND5XS are too expensive. Will for it out for myself. Thank you for advice.

Ps: I’ve just sold my Flatcap

One more thing. I will surely try some power amps from other brands like Cyrus, Atoll or NAD in future. Is power amp so much important in a system chain? Would Cyrus power amp give me similar effects at the same power rate? I guess power amps do not differ as much as preamps or sources. Or I may be wrong. Can someone clarify that for me, please?

Hi, I used a Nap 200 with my Unitiqute 2 and the results were definitely worth the investment, a wider soundstage and more open and controlled.

I recently tried a Unitiqute with a 180 and the Uniti 1 I own now is better.

Ok, thank you. If I come across one Nap 200, will surely consider buying. Second hand.

I would second HH’s suggestion of a SuperUniti. It’s much better than the UQ2 (I have both, so I know). They are very cheap to buy used since Nova came along.




Yes! :). I have Superuniti on my watching list as well, along with Unitilite. I am slowly downsizing from full XS setup to - preferably one box solution.

At present I own: Nait XS , Unitiqute, Dali Opticon 2, RLS Callisto III (speakers), Naca5, Mogami DIN.

I’ve already sold CD5XS, Flatcap XS and superb Dali Grand Coupe speakers. I don’t really miss those units, cause I can only listen on moderate volume and my music is mostly contemporary rock - so no audiophile quality. I must say that even Unitiqute + Dali Opticon 2 give me a real listening pleasure. Don’t have to worry about cables, shelves etc. Less units, lots of money saved but the pleasure stays. For me downsizing works well, due to not really good acoustic and my type of music; + I fell in love with iRadio - few stations with quality stream (320kbps) and I am covered for all day, every day. Thats the biggest advantage of my new setup.

PS: I found Unitiqute getting quite hot (up to 50’C) with 4 ohm speakers. With 8 ohm its stable at 35’c.

Speaking about downsizing :slight_smile: I am probably fooling myself.

I will soon get Cyrus Streamline 2 (good offer - 350Ł) to compare with Unitiqute. Wonder which one will suit me better. I expect very similar performance and functionality.
Cyrus has fixed out ( a plus), but doesn’t drive 4ohm speakers.

Agree with other posters.
I also have had both ( I still have the Superuniti ) and it is a truly wonderful piece of kit. Waited for a nice one to come along on the Bay and got it at a very good price, I kept it over two other Naim streamers I have owned.

You’ve had both?
Do you mean Unitilite and Superuniti?
I understand that you vote is on Superuniti as a replacement for my setup. (?)

I actually have a SuperUniti, a Unitilite and a UQ2 plus some other Naim stuff. The SuperUniti is in another league. The UQ2 is great for what it is, but I think its charm is as a one box solution and personally I wouldn’t start adding other Naim boxes to it. The Unitilite is like a UQ2 with built in CD player. I think it’s the least engaging of the three, although it’s superficially attractive enough and works fine.


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Thank you David. Really helpful. Logically, its the way to go I guess. So I have narrowed down to 3 options:

1. SuperUniti (approx. 1500Ł used and sell the rest)
2. Nait XS + ND5XS (add used ND5XS - 1000Ł and sell Unitiqute)
3. UnitiQute + NAP200 (add Nap200 - 800Ł, sell XS)

Which one will give me - potentially, the best sound? My bet is on option 2.

Sorry for ruminating on that for so long, but I really value Your (users) opinions and experiences. Thank you for your feedback.

I’m afraid I have no experience of the Nait XS, so I can’t comment on whether option 2 is better than option 1. I’ll have to leave that to someone else…


Hi @kszysiu, I have owned Superuniti and a Unitiqute2, the latter I ran with a NAP100. I have never owned an XS but have demoed the XS2/ND5XS2 set up.
Given what you set out at the start of this thread, that your speakers are hard to drive, I think either option 1 and 3 would be better for you, although options 2 and 3 give you more flexibility for future upgrades. You intimate you wish to downsize and if you are happy to go this way I would choose the Superuniti, it’s a great piece of kit and will drive your speakers well.

My money would be on the ND5/NaitXS, but of course, there is no substitute for listening and deciding for yourself.