Power amp input on Uniti?

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Back in the good old days most integrated amps had pre-out and power amp in sockets, allowing owners to patch in equalizers, noise reduction boxes, active crossovers, etc.

The now discontinued Uniti/ UnitiLite/ SuperUniti series have pre-amp outputs, but no power amp inputs. This means that when using the preamp output to feed an external box, say for DSP, the internal amp cannot be used, which seems wasteful (and expensive).

Anyone know if the internal power amp can be accessed by rewiring the Uniti? I recall seeing a thread on the web some years ago where an owner had split the pre and power amp sections, but cannot find it any more.

Thanks in advance.

Doubtless it can, but note the Forum rule that forbids DIY discussion. The Unitis are all in ones and not designed for this sort of thing.

My Unitiqute has a power amp input. I believe all the Uniti-s are equipped with an Analogue input which is a dual function input. Go to input settings and you will be able to swap analogue input for power amp input there.

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Please note that any discussion involving modification to Naim equipment is strictly forbidden on this forum.

If you want to add DSP units or an equaliser then this is best done with separates and using a tape loop. That way it can be easily switched in or out of circuit and won’t upset the pre/power pairing our interface.

I don’t think it’s an input directly to the power amp - rather it’s a fixed volume for AV use. A proper power amp input will bypass the preamp completely.

As I read it does bypass the preamp but not 100% sure. Anyway, when I tried it with Chord 2 Qute directly to AV Fixed input last , the sound changed a lot, was huge comparing to bare UQ.

Richard:Dane, your comments are duly noted.

A suggestion, if I may. As a service to owners, Naim might want to consider releasing schematics for products that are out of production and well out of warranty.

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