Power Amp section of SN2 vs. NAC 250-2

Greetings from Brussels.

Well … it’s all in the title: has anyone ever got the opportunity to compare a SN2 against a NAC 250-2 (+ matching pre-amp, of course) ?



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Hi David, from England.

I did, at a dealer. The 250.2 into ATC SCM40’s had much more control of the bass drivers than the SN2. The overall character of the sound was quite similar between the two amps. I purchased the 250.2.

I hope you find what you are looking for.


Hi. Never actually done that comparison but when the SN1 was launched at the Bristol show the Naim rep explained that the SN1 was some 282 in the pre and the power section was somewhat akin to the old NAP150. I can’t comment on the SN2 or SN3 but I have always been impressed by musicality of the SN2. And what I’ve heard they don’t lack power more refinement. However, if everything else is equal a pre power will be a better performer with an integrated amp.



I guess that your purchase of the 250.2 instead of the SN2 says it all.

Thanks for your input.

Now I’m left with finding either a NAC-N272 or any comparable pre-amp + streamer + headphone-amp combo.

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Good idea David on implementing a better power amp as 250 will do.
Power amp section is miles better and great it is.
Your,SN is neither a 282 or 202 but would perfectly fit now.
Just please be careful not to swap later your sn for a 272.
A mullet and waste of money on view.
Either a better source or 282 would be needed sooner or later

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