Power amp with pre-amp Supernait 2

I greet you,
I have a Naim Supernait 2 amplifier and I would like to use it together with a non Naim power amplifier and only use the preamp from the Supernait.
In which connector do you recommend me to put the power amplifier.
thank you.

You can use the bi-amp output socket via a suitable DIN4 to 2xRCA cable. Otherwise, the sub out RCA sockets provide the same full range output signals albeit with a couple of resistors inline to allow longer cables to be driven.

Thank you very much, your answer is useful to me.

I made the 4-pin DIN cable and connect it to the bi-amp connector with a Fezz Audio Titania amplifier.
Supernait disconnects its control and volume buttons.
Probably because the speaker wires are no longer in Supernait.
Where am I wrong ?

You need to leave the link plug in.

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