Power amplifier for Kans

I’m looking for a power amplifier to complete a system using a recently bought NAC72 and series 1 Linn Kans

Back in the day I ran a pair with a NAP180 and was going to go this way again (I’d like to keep the look consistent and stay with the oliver series) but am wondering if anyone has experience using these with a NAP250 or even 135s and if they respond well to the extra power as am considering these as options


The 250 is the one you want, with 135s being even better. And don’t forget the Hicap.


What HH says. Awesome with a CB250. Unbelievable with a pair of NAP135s up ‘em.

Get them active with a 135 four-pack.


There would be that temptation so its possibly a good thing that I’m using the mk1s as they are single binding posts, I had the mk2 versions with the 2 sets of posts before

72/140 would be nice and look neat. Not heard the 180.

32/SNAPS/250, followed by 32.5/Hi/250, were the fullest sound I got from Kan 1s but not as musical as Nait, Nait 2, 32.5/160, 12/BD160 or 42.5/110. Most folks seem perfectly happy with external PSU driven pre-amps though.

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Does that mean you have a preference for preamps run from the PSU in the power amp rather than in a separate box?

Yep. I don’t think anyone else on the forum feels the same though so you need to find out what works best for you. I’m not really sure what it is exactly but I find the music more coherent without the external PSU even though it doesn’t sound as clear. It’s like I have to make a little effort to piece the music together whereas it just makes perfect sense without them.

I was always very happy with my Kans mk1 and CB 32/SNAPS/250.

Another vote for the latter.
Wish I’d heard the twin 135s, but dont recall that I ever did.

I ran Kans for a while with a 32.5 and 110 and loved the combination. I then upgraded to a 250, also changing to a 72. I just couldn’t get on with the 250. It made the Kans sound too tight, too controlled and a bit lifeless. Then a dealer lent me a pair of 135’s and all was good with the world again! So much better than the 250. I still have that original pair of 135’s in the loft, some 30 years later, as I don’t think I can be parted from them.


In The Loft…? A pair of 135’s…?

I am unsure what the appropriate penance should be for this… :thinking:

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On a display stand off to one side perhaps, but up in the loft…:scream:

Apologies! A dark place for 135’s I know. On the plus side they did get some use when my 500 was away being serviced and DR’d. As I said, I just can’t bring myself to sell them!

I had a pair in the 1980s…they really needed at least a 250 then.

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A severe one :grin:

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I had a pair in the early 1990s. IME, not only did they need at least an NAP 250, they also needed an NAC 52 and a top-notch source (LP12/Lingo/Ekos/Troika in my case).

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I think if you’re sat quite close, as you would in a small bedroom or small study, then you can get away with much less power. 42.5/110 or 72/140 is plenty. Even a Nait can sound really good.

I don’t think that power is the issue…I moved from a Nait to 45/140 driving Kans (with fully fettled LP12)…without much benefit. There’s more to ability to drive than power (like a car engine…max. speed of the car is determined by engine power, acceleration by force…although there is some relationship between these. I guess that you need a lot of force to drive Kans, Luke).

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Some years ago Ilived in an apartment a converted Military Hospital. Built around the same time as the Palmerston Forts. The sitting room was very large as it had been a ward. I estimated, from counting rows and lines of bricks, that it was 24ftx20ft with 16 ft ceilings.
In this room my LP12, Nait2 and Kans Mk1 made a lovely loud noise sufficient for my neighbours to tell me the next day that they too had enjoyed my music.
I suspect that I had the speakers in a very favourable location within the room and that this enhanced the sound rather than cancelling it out.
So, it may be that the room size and speaker location within that room is more important than ‘just’ the power of the amplifier.
Just my two penn’orth.