Power amplifier suggestions - US based

It appears that my Exposure 28 has developed a fault - it creates a crackling sound above about 75-80 dB (measured with the DecibelX app). Not the speakers - I have a Linn Klout that does not do it. I’ve emailed Tony at Exposure and am waiting to hear back, but I’m a bit worried it won’t be cost-effective to repair.

Hence: what would people suggest for a power amplifier? The system is an Exposure 3010S2 CD - Naim nDAC - Exposure 3010S2 preamp - [power amp] - Monitor Audio Gold GX300 speakers.

The Klout is . . . OK. The 28 sounds more energetic, livelier, and clearer - the Klout sounds like it extends deeper into the bass. The obvious step is a pair of Exposure 3010S2 monos, but they are unusual on the secondary market.

Considerations - it should be powerful enough to drive the MAs, it should be from a real company that has been around a while and seems likely to be around for a while in the future, reliable, and ideally an advance music-wise on the 28. I’d like to stay at $2k USD or under. There is a local NNP01, new, for $1199 - the factory amplifier-only version. Worth a shot?

Thanks all in advance - I appreciate your thoughts! (And @Richard.Dane - if anything in this is inappropriate, please let me know . . . and accept apologies in advance)

Second hand Naim 250
It’s a Naim forum, after all…


Heh! :wink:

True - I haven’t seen too many 250’s in the $2k range that don’t need to be serviced and DR’d. As in, zero.


If I do, you may be sure I’ll jump on it! I’ve had a 200 in the past and was not impressed.

Jeff Rowland 201? Musical fidelity ?

Plinius 9200

Apart from Naim

i would suggest

exposure power amp from the 3000 series - they will match very well and an all Exposure setup will be nice i suppose

USA based - so many on agon and

Belles - David Belles Power Modules - has 2 nice power amps - visit the site

Their dealer is in NY state - Liverpool i think

My money is on Tony to sort you out, I’m sure he will reply soon

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Yep, we’ve been in contact - hopefully it is just the mains input board, because I’m pretty sure I could replace that correctly on my own . . .

If not, a pair of 3010S2 monos probably make the most sense given the rest of the system.

Intrigued by the new and local NNP01 amp only. Is it worth $1200?

There’s an MF A308CR available - not sure what it sounds like.

I suggest a Belles 150A v2 reference, made in the USA, 125/8 Ohm and 250/4 Ohm. I have one of these set aside for me at my local dealer, just have to come up with the cash, 2k Canadian funds. I demoed it with Neat Ultimatum MF5’s and Harbeth P3esr’s, and I loved it. I used to own a 250 DR…

It’s an integrated amplifier. You need just a power amp?

I just looked - the MF A308CR available is a dual mono power amp only.

@NO-QUARTER - I like the Belles suggestion - will poke around.

Ah, i looked apparently not at the good one.

I would get a pair of Boulder 3050s and call it a day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Krell kst 100 . 2k. Used market.

I found one and ordered it. Will let you know how it goes!

Also will be trying a pair of PS Audio M700 monos. PS Audio is in the next town over, so it’s pretty easy . . .

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Check out Rogue Audio. I have the integrated Sphinx but they have a great reputation, are good value and some well regarded power amps with interesting designs. They are a US company too.

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Excellent, I don’t think you will be disappointed. Are you getting a brand new amp or used?

Oops - apparently someone got the Belles before I did . . . Oh well!

PS Audio amps should be interesting. May also try a Parasound A21+.

Have you considered Schiit Vidar or Aegir monoblocks?