Power block... My experience

Music Sound much better only with four cables into powerblock not more…I add my Ee8 cable switch to my power block and realized latter that music is not engagement as before… after a while I separate the Ee to a different wall power …sound by miracle came back.

It is possible that the SMPS of the EE was contaminating the other power supplies (be they integrated or separate) plugged into the power block.

Separate the EE’s SMPS and you remove such contamination. I have my ER’s SMPS plugged into a socket well away from the Naim black box power block for this very reason.

It is a theory.

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Good point,sound very logic to me …without my EE8 took it out … so I still have four ps into my power block …2x555 552/500.ps.

The EE’s SMPS could have been polluting all four sensitive power supplies. That is possibly why you heard such an improvement when removing the EE from the power block.


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