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I’m currently running an NDX/SN2 through a pair of Neat SX2 speakers. I’m really happy with the system as it is, but I’m keen to see what difference I can make by improving the isolation and associated interconnects and cables. The NDX and SN2 current sit side by side in a solid oak TV unit, so to address the isolation issue I’ve purchased 6 of the cup and balls used on the Fraim rack and ordered two pieces of 10mm toughened glass to sit the units on. I’m also considering some Oehlbach Shock Absorbers to place under each leg of the TV unit.

On cables and interconnects I’ve just brought a Naim Hi-Line which should arrive in the next couple of days. I’ve also ordered a Wireworld Matrix 6 Way Power Block and picked up a pre-owned Audioquest NRG-4 power cable from Ebay. I’m thinking that I should use the NRG-4 as the lead going from the power block into the mains socket and continue to run the NDX and SN2 from the power block via the standard Naim Power-Line Lite cables. Would this make most sense or would I see better results by using a Power-Line Lite from the mains to the power block and using the NRG-4 to connect the SN2?

The Powerline Lite cables are 0.75mm2,
AQ NRG-4 is shown as 13AWG which translated to 2.62mm2

I would use the NRG-4 from wall the Wireworld & the Powerline Lites to each of the SN2 & NDX

I’d gently suggest that you’d be best getting a proper hifi stand before spending on fancy cables. Dedicated mains should also be higher on the list.

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Thanks for the input gents. Mike, seems like we are aligned on the cables.

I fully appreciate the point about a proper hifi rack and dedicated mains, but I’m trying to balance the best sound possible within the confines of a family home. I’ve recently cut down a significant number of XS series boxes to go with something that’s more discreet, but also gives better overall sound quality. All I’m trying to do now is optimise the kit I have in the current environment.


I think you’re on the right track. I’ve gone down a similar route but with domes under the shelves for stability. I also use an Isotek power board screwed to the back of the cabinet to hide all the cables.

May go Hi-Line later, only recently learning that you can get them in New Zealand with the right plugs.

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Thanks Mike, it was actually an earlier picture of your system that got me thinking that I could likely achieve a nice upgrade in SQ at the same time as pacifying my wife by moving to a SN2/NDX setup. The glass, Hi-line, Audioquest power cord and Wireworld power block all arrived in time for the weekend, so I spent a couple of hours putting everything together and tidying up the cables on Friday evening. Getting the isolation platforms set up and then putting the SN2 and NDX on top of them with all of the cables neatly routed was a real pain in such a tight space, but I have to say that for what I spent (around £600 in total for the cables, Hi-Line and the plinths) the improvement in SQ is incredible. I alos think the electronics look much nicer sat on the plinths as opposed to being placed directly on the TV unit. I’ve now ordered four Sorbothane isolation pads to put under each of the TV units legs to hopefully minimize and vibrations further.


I join the opinion; you’re checking for yourself that a good fine tuning makes a difference, and it’s not a bottomless pit…


It looks great and I’m pleased that sharing info has been useful for you.

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