Power cable advice

I would like to upgrade my Tibia power cables and my budget does not allow me to buy PowerLines. I live in Canada and i do not think PowerLine Lite are available with US plug. Do you have suggestions ? My budget is $200 usd for each cables . I need power cables for SN2, HiCapDr and NDX. Thanks !

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AV options ?

Check out ZUAudio Event, available new on eBay via auction in the US$100-200 range.

I use the AVOPTIONS TibiaPlus12 Deep-Cryo AC cable for my NDX2 and SN2 and feel they do a fine job. Which model of the Tibia power cable are you using?

It certainly is a large leap in price to the PowerLine which they offer but as you mention they do not offer the PowerLine Lite.

Hello, thanks for your answer. I have the basic tibia cables supplied with the Naim equipments. The avoptions TibiaPlus 12 seems indeed interesting

Thanks, i finally bought three TibiaPlus12 power cables from AVOptions. Great value for money, i am very satisfied .


The next best thing to PowerLines I found for 1/3 cost is Furutec Empire. It’s from their pro audio studio range instead of their audiophile range.

I use this as well as PowerLines. It’s no nonsense 5mm cores and low resistance.

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