Power cable dilemma

I have Dynaudio Focus XD30 actives supplied by a dCS Bridge. The speakers have Naim Powerlines. I have come by Shunyata Delta EF C15 power cables. I am thinking of using one Powerline for the Matrix Wireworld block which has a generic power cable and the other for the Bridge and using the Sunyatas for the speakers. The alternative is using the Shunyatas for the Bridge and the Matrix. I will obviously try both configurations but the Forum’s views would be welcome

I’ve used the Delta EF’s upgraded to Alpha EF, still use a Delta on my REL S/510. I agree you’re going to have to try them in different places. I didn’t know the Dynaudio used C15, I have a pair of Dynaudio Xeo 6 and they use the C7

I seriously doubt anyone has the same setup and power cables.

Is it that hard to test? 2 weeks one way round. 2 weeks the other. At the end of the month decide.

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