Power Cable Foo

I have always strongly resisted the siren call of power cables, I have borrowed a number over the years and found they made minor tonal differences.

A couple of years ago a bought a Nord OneUp 3 Channel for AV uses and a friend bought over three power cables ranging from £70 to £500. The one that did make quiet a nice difference was the £70, I bought two and tried the other in my EAR868 - no difference there.

A few months ago I bought a second hand 300DR off a well respected dealer and have been thoroughly enjoying it. It was delivered with a standard Naim power cable. A few days ago I noticed a Powerline for sale and thought, ‘why not?’.

Having plugged it in this morning I sat down to listen to a playlist I have been using for the past week …and? Well, this is NOT a minor tonal shift!

A VERY welcome improvement. Very glad I took the punt.


I found the same, I have Titan cables on sources both Lingo 4 which is standard Styx and Electra on my NDX which has taken the NDX onto another level

have Powerline on HCDR and Tital Eros on 300DR

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