Power cable for Radikal Klimax

Hi here’s a question for Radikal Klimax owners:

I’ve just upgraded the the Radikal II and decided to change over from the Akurate to Klimax. Problem is the high grade plug that I previously used doesn’t fit the smaller profile of the Klimax so I need a slimline IEC plug. Any recommendations?

I’m using a powerline lite at the moment, previously I used a Gutwire Pure Cube which had a great effect on the Radikal Akurate

Thanks for any advice.

I’m not sure whether you mean a new cable or just a new IEC plug.

If it’s just the plug, then something like the slimline Furutech FI-C15 could work.

If it’s a whole new cable, then Chord used to have a slimline IEC option on their top range cables to allow usage with the Klimax style casing.

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Thanks James no it’s a new cable I need. The Gutwire cable won’t fit into the IEC plug. So Chord specifically made the cable for the Klimax?

They certainly did for the Sarum version

You can now specify your Sarum SA mains cable with either the standard IEC plug or a slimline version perfect for Klimax equipment.

Drop Chord an email and they’ll be able to advise :slightly_smiling_face:

I think to remember that @Dave uses the Chord Music on Radikal.

It’s a good question @916SPS . Like you, I’m using a Powerline Lite, but also aware of the Chord options that @james_n mentioned. Those could get expensive, so I’m also wondering if any Linn Klimax owners have discovered something that’s both better than PL Lite and cheaper than Chord SarumT/Music…?

I’m using a Sarum T which, as James says, is specifically designed to fit the Klimax case. A wonderful cable (I’d also used a Powerline when I had an Akurate). All bar one of my mains cables are Sarum T, the Phoenix has to put up with an old Sarum TA.

I use a Music streaming cable from the Urika II to the KDSM and then Music to the 552.

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Chord don’t make their power cables in US-compatible versions so, when I upgraded my Akurate Radikal to a Klimax, I switched from a PowerLine to an AV Options Deep Cryo Tibia cable. Not an expensive option, I bought it without a trial, and I’ve no idea how it compares to the competition. I’m curious if any US Klimax Radikal users have tried anything else.

I think they do now, certainly they have US-plug versions of the new Epic and Shawline power cables

Thanks FR

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OK great to know thank you

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I was gutted that a spare PowerLine wouldn’t fit the K Rad case so I’m using a Rega Ref mains cable. I bought a cheap used PowerLIne lite to replace the Rega a good while back but that’ll have to wait until I strip the system down again. I’ve no idea if any of the cables will make a difference though. I only went with the PL Lite for the looks of the plug as it nearly matches the other PowerLines - sad I know! :grinning:

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Thanks for that. I just took a look at their site. It’s odd that there’s more technical info and options for the Epic and Shawline than for the Sarum T and the Music, which now makes me wonder if all their power cables now come in a range of lengths and plug / termination options? I’m not in the market right now, but I’m curious.

I think that’s probably because they’ve recently added the Epic and Shawline to the website and haven’t updated the copy for the “old” cables.

When I ordered my Sarums (which have since been upgraded to T’s) they were made specifically to order so I could have any length and connection/plug. As it happens, I have 2 with Linn Klimax IECs and 4 with 15amp round pin plugs.

I’ve got my (A) Radikal powered via PowerLine lite too.

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Akurate Radikal? I think they can take a full fat Powerline. Might be worth a try if you have one spare? I’m going to guess there’ll little or no difference. That way, I can feel better about not being able to use my spare Power Lines. :smiley:

Yes, the Akurate version. Don’t have one spare at present - I have tried it in the past but found that the best bang for buck was on the power amp and supercap.

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Do you think I can upgrade from signature to Sarum t , sending the cable for modification ?
Or signature upgraded to signature x ?

I don’t think so, FR. As I understand it, you can upgrade Sarum of any type or age to Sarum T but not a Signature to Sarum. You might be able to upgrade your Signature to X, though but I’d check with Chord or your dealer.

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Thanks, I will ask. I will wait first to see if there’s a big or little difference between Sarum t interconnect and the new signature x. Or also wait till the Sarum t X will emerge, then the Sarum t price will probably go down.

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