Power cable for Radikal Klimax

Coincidentally, I saw a mention elsewhere concerning Chord phono cables. If I understand it correctly, you can get any of their phono cables with a Naim-friendly DIN connection. That’s an upgrade I’d be tempted by - I’ve never been entirely happy with my (original) Linn T-Kable, which is RCA only and can’t be converted.

Yes, that’s correct. There are quite a few on the Forum who have done just that, mainly with either Sarum T or Music but I think you can get a Signature as well. I’m sure some may chip in here with their experiences.

I’ve recently been told that I can replace the tbh pretty awful Linn cable from the Ekos to Urika inside my LP12, so that’s something I’ll investigate when I’m next @Cymbiosis.

I think the X refers to the new insulation material they’ve introduced, which is not as good as the Taylon that’s used in Sarum T and Music. I don’t think we’re likely to see a Sarum X.

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It’s not a bad cable Dave! Vey good results can be gained by using it. However using a din termination into a Naim specifically really lifts performance. I can even show this by using a phono to phono first into a 552 and then using an old Mayware adaptor on the end of the cable and plugging it in to a din socket on the 552 - Using the Mayware sounds better even with the same cable! Obviously upgrading the cable itself will lift things further but moderation on retailers here means I cannot advise further. :frowning:

So, putting my opinion of the Linn cable to one side :grin:, is it possible to change the cable from the Ekos SE to the Urika II?

No not “that” signal cable as it’s fixed/soldered in rather than plugged in so you will invalidate your warranty.
Given it’s a U2 you can experiment with the digital cable to the Exakt port on whatever you are using if you wish? That will cause some debate again as to whether that makes a difference/improvement !!

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The dealer that I’ve bought the gutwire power cable has been intouch with GW and they are making up an adaptor that I can plug the big cable into which then allows a Furutech slimline IEC to connect to the Klimax.

It’s great to have the support from dealer in a situation like this!

Perhaps they could replace the existing connector? It would probably be better than using an adapter.

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Thanks Dave, they can’t do that as all the gubbings they use in the cable will not fit a slimline IEC. I will post pics to show the issue.

I kept an eye on the classifieds for RCA/DIN HiLine to go from the Urika to 552. I’d already found a pair of Linn Silvers to replace the standard Black that the deck came with. (I’m sure it should’ve come with Silvers anyway :thinking:). The deck was in for the K bearing upgrade at the time and luckily a HiLine popped up just before the dealer was about to set it all up. Got the Hiline posted up to him and the deck came back sounding great. Not sure which upgrade had the greater impact as they were done at the same time but the background noise (lack of) was the first thing I noticed.

How good are mods on the new Radikal & motor turning out? I might look at getting that done at some point. Is it more cost effective to trade in the old Radikal Klimax cased unit for a new one or just have what I’ve got upgraded?

Also, are Linn keeping the Kandid? I doubt I could ever afford the new cart.

Sorry for all the Qs! :blush:

Cheers, Rack.

Yes the U 1 is supplied with Silvers not the black interconnects. Kandid is very much staying in the range and Radikal/2 is a huge improvement over the Radikal/1 for sure. You won’t be disappointed!
KR, Peter

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