Power cable tangle

toying with powerlines on my nait xs2 and nd5xs2 and looking at the tangle of thinner powerline lites, do the full fat versions mind being coiled? My isoblue rack is quite compact to space is not a luxury so to keep them away form interconnects and speaker cables i dont have much option. coil is only about three turns and quite big loops.
pics or advice welcome!

My linear block sits behind a Fraim stack and the powerlines loop under the Fraim before emerging below the sockets of the power supplies. I probably don’t have 3 crossing at the same point, some protrude part of their loop on the left but none touch the rack.

They are quite stiff but will coil I imagine as required. I’ve got mine running in a straight line against the skirting/floor as the sockets are now almost an exact distance away from the rack. I did used to have my Isoblue rack in front of the wall socket and fed the slack underneath the base level.
In an ideal world all the cables would drape elegantly in their own private space, in reality, well, you know what I mean!

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For speaker cable excess, Naim expressly advises against coiling and recommends folding, which of course makes sense. I suppose the same applies to power lines and interconnects

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If that’s all you can manage then I wouldn’t worry too much. I’m in a similar situation, with the mains block to the right of the rack. See if you can get away with looser loops. I imagine that with the Isoblue you are pretty restricted - my leads are making a bit of a bid to escape from under the Fraim. While they are a bit visible it’s not too bad.

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I would say that it’s a little easier to manipulate the thicker Powerline cables into position than it is the regular mains cables, and easier to dress then so that they hang clear of the rack or other leads. So I certainly wouldn’t be put off them by any cable dressing doubts.
I’ve noticed on a few ‘system pics’ photos that people have wall sockets mounted quite high, so that the mains leads can hang free. There’s no way that would work on my small 3-shelf rack, as the sockets would be half way to the ceiling. I was, though, able to instal wall sockets at just the right distance from the rack to allow the cables trail across the floor with no excess to add to the mass of spaghetti behind the rack. If moving wall sockets sounds like too much work, I guess you could achieve much the same thing by positioning a mains block in a suitable location…or shortening the cables on the Powerlines!!

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