Power cables and Naim power supplies - any point?

I have Naim power supplies and powerlines for an ND555, a NAP500 and a 552. Bearing in mind the ND555 and amplification are being powered by high quality, discrete power supplies is there any point buying high-end, expensive power cables when the core components are being served by separate power supplies?

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I’m not sure I completely understand your question - all the 500 series components already come with high-end power cables (the Naim Powerlines). Are you wondering whether it’s worth spending on even more expensive alternatives?

More info on the Powerline can be read here;

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I bought them ex dem for a second system at a good price. I have since wondered whether they may improve sound quality on my main set up but as my post notes I thought the answer would be ‘no’

Yes they make a difference. Quite a decent one also in my experience.


I, too, cannot follow. What is the “them” that you bought? And what is “my main set up” that you wondered if “they” may improve - I suppose the ND555/552/500, but these already come with (high-end, expensive) PowerLines.


Try some. Shunyata are excellent, Audience, Russ Andrews made with Kimber, Siltech.

I am still use Powerline series from Naim, it’s look the best for Naims

Thanks for this. They are Shunyata Delta EF - the old model, hence the good price

You should try them on your main system, you might be surprised

Thanks for a constructive and sensible suggestion

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