Power conditioner for Naim equipment

I would like to buy a power conditoner for these electronics:

Naim Hi-Cap DR to Naim 282
Naim Snaic to Naim 282
Naim 555 PS DR to Naim NDS
Naim 250 DR
Sony Blu-ray player
Cambridge audio CD player
Denon AVR for home theather
SVS SB-13 Ultra Subwoofer
TeddyPardo PHN1.2 Phono pre amplifier

I already have Isotek Evo 3 Synchro cable, Two Matrix 2 Plugs and Naim Power Lines cables for every electronic.

I read in the Naim manuals that something that filters the electrical network is not recommended.

I don’t know if I got it wrong.

I was thinking of Isotek 3 Evo Aquarius.


Or is there something better?

Or is nothing better?

Why do you want a power conditioner?

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The home network is almost always lacking and noisy.

Having valuable electronics I would like to buy a power conditioner to give the cleanest and stabilized current possible.

With the result of having an even better audio quality.

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What do you mean by lacking and noisy? In general it’s best to get dedicated mains rather than adding a conditioner to a compromised supply.

I mean that the electrical line of the houses can be disturbed, not stabilized, with voltage fluctuations and not perfectly sunisoidal

I live in a single house and far from other houses.

My biggest fear is the lack of tension stability.

I recommend a dedicated line first before doing any power conditioning.
And sort out your ethernet network connectivity = that is paramount with something like the NDS.

And finally, look at Ansuz if you must. You can easily spend more than your entire hifi system on power conditioners + cables there.

Maybe start at the A2 levels.

Why do you have that fear, have your measured you supply voltage, what variables have you seen? Give me real numbers and times.

What country are you?

A power conditioner will not give you voltage stability, it will maybe clean up a little of what you have for noise & similar but it will not correct any bad supply voltage.
A regenerator might get close, but these cost more than some of your equipment.

Find a dealer who will give a home demo so you can hear the benefit, if any. My personal experience with power conditioners has not been positive, maybe because the UK mains network isn’t that bad, but the results have always been unbalanced with a lower noise floor being offset by decreased detail, dynamics and PRaT.

Sounds like a PS AUDIO P20 would do the trick. Please Google it and read up.

What you mean for “sort out your ethernet network connectivity” ?

I live in Italy.

My home voltage fluctuates from 195V to 240 V during the day and evening.

What advantage would an industrial voltage and current stabilizer have?

Here I am really afraid of this.

That I clean the background noise but go to limit the dynamics.

At this point I was wondering if a good voltage and current stabilizer was better and how many Kw.

PS AUDIO P20 seems too expensive.

What cheaper alternative could I buy?

To fix that kind of voltage variation you need professional advise you need to talk to your power supply company, with 195vAC the power supply is not conforming to EU standards and that needs to be corrected.

Ethernet cables, switched etc. in my system netgear killed the sound and added way too
Much noise - even when not directly powering the nds. Has to go to Unifi Ubiquiti switches and dream machine in entire house.
Blue jeans cables are good enough once you have the network sorted out.
If network cables are making a positive difference there something else going on that needs fixing

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Ah, UniFi is good? Nice to hear. Every network switch, access point and router in my house is from Ubiquiti. Everything is unifi except for the router which is an edgemax router.

Isotek make great products that will improve matters without compromising Naim dynamics. You could try a Sirius power board/filter or go up a level to the Aquarius (which is a full sized box). I use the former with great results. They will sound harsh before burning in.


I would try the Isotek of Mike but also the Musicworks ultra, and choose the one which gives the best results. The results are very unpredictable . It’s very easy to try these products and return if not satisfied.
Analog seduction or other sites make 14 days free trial.

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PS Audio P15, Shunyata Denali