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Hello community - I really like my system and I don’t have the capacity to have a dedicated AC line for my rig. I’m plugging my Supernait 3 directly in the wall outlet and I’m running a Wiremold with my Oppo BDP105D, nDAC two Teddy Pardo linear power supplies and a TV monitor on the strip. Im using a non dedicated 15 amp line.

My non Naim owner friends are encouraging me to get a power conditioner. I will keep the Supernait 3 plugged directly into the wall outlet. I feel ithe system sounds great but could sound better. I’ve recently installed a Furutech GTX-D Gold receptical replacing an AV Options Deep-Cryo Hubble. The GTX-D is a nice neutral unclored tone. However the AV Options Deep-Cryo Hubble delivers more bass. I would like to separate my digital components from my analogs.

So my question is -
Should I add another Wiremold and separate the digital or add a higher grade conditioning component? Please re-educate me why Naim doesn’t require or prefer nothing in the AC chain.
I’m open to suggestions on the pros and cons.
Kind regards

In general terms, Naim’s attitude (and agreed by many Naim users) is that a power conditioner will suck the life out of the music.
I haven’t tried one personally for many years but I agreed when I listened to several. The life and soul of the music was ruined.
Try before you buy.


The real question is
What problem are you trying to solve?

I’ve tried a few power conditioners, though never with Naim kit. Admittedly they were very much at the budget end of things but I never liked the effect. They appeared initially to tighten up the sound, reduce harshness and glare and to leave everything sounding cleaner. So an excellent result then? Well, no not quite. Despite the gains something never felt right. I really could not put my finger on it though. After a while I tried removing them and suddenly everything was back to normal and the music flowed again. It was as though a great constriction had been removed from the music, letting it run free again.

So no I don’t like power conditioners.Maybe some of the very costly ones work, I don’t know, but I’m not interested enough to find out.

If I were you i would plug all your Naim kit into one power strip (not the wall) and anything with a SMPS rather than a transformer into a seperate strip - so that would be your Oppo and TV monitor.

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Thank you. Blythe. I’m encouraged by your response however and. Im using a 20 + year old Wiremold strip. However I would like some more feedback especially in the technological areas.

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I’m being nudged by my fellow audiophile guides that "you never really know that the added noise is gone until you get a power conditioner.

Why does Naim discourage aftermarket power conditioning?

Power doesn’t need conditioning unless you are hearing extraneous noise.
I don’t believe any power conditioners can remove hidden effects without filtering the sound you want to hear. Reducing audible noise can be possible.


Naim remain open-minded, hence why they have in the past encouraged power conditioners to be sent to the factory by friends, associates, dealers etc… so they could be tested and kit listened to with them either just plugged in to the mains nearby or else with the kit connected to them directly.

We had a number sent in back when I was working at the factory and their effect with surprising, to say the least. None improved performance, and indeed, one in particular did horrible things, even when just plugged in to the mains circuit with no equipment plugged into it.

In more recent years my encounters with conditioners has only repeated these results (yes, even the highly magazine rated, highly expensive kind). If I could describe a common facet, it’s that they tend to kill the life and sense of “event” to the music when used with Naim. Of course, you’ll need a highly optimised system, otherwise you may not notice such drawbacks so much, and their lesser advantages may be more appreciated…


Thank you bruss for the thought insight.

Mr. Dane - Thank you for your reply. I feel I now have the knowledge and information needed to maintain a positive conversation my non-Naim owners regarding Naim’s position.
Kind regards -

I’ve described in previous posts here in some detail a few of my encounters with power conditioning and Naim - in particular one demo evening at a dealer in Sweden where, after spending hours getting the room sorted out and the kit set up we still couldn’t get the system to soar like I knew it could. A final sweep of the corners behind curtains found a hidden piece of kit that I assumed was a big power amp, but was actually an expensive conditioner. It was still plugged in. I unplugged it and… WOW! suddenly everything clicked into place and the music just came alive. It was educational.


I started out without any conditioning then tried isotek and afterwards Ansuz. They have an alternative way of trying to sort out what they believe is the problems they can solve. Grounding and some noise reduction is part of what they say they are a achieving. Much more in line with Naim thinking than most other conditioning manufacturers, and several people on the forum are using Ansuz mains products in our Naim systems.

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Thank you, Claus - Several colleagues are using Isotek Evo3 Aquarius with good results however I’ve not seen the Ansuz - I’ll look into it.

My colleague has mentioned the smaller Isotek Evo3 Polaris or Shunyata Venom PS10? I’m hesitant to use an economy strip.

Same experience here. I have an old Russ Andrew’s mega clamp from a few years ago. Just plugging it into the house ring main - not even my dedicated circuit - and the difference is supprisingly noticeable. As people have said, it just compresses the music to the point where it’s actually unenjoyable. Remove it and you just know it’s right!

I’ve found the Isol-8 Minisub Axis a great addition and an improvement on the Wireworld I had previously. Not fixed amp hum in the way I’d hoped, but added refinement and clarity overall.


If this helps, every power conditioner I’ve tried has made my system sound more like a Devialet rather than a Naim:)

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Garcon - Thanks for the positive feedback. That’s the goal. Can I better the Wiremold and move the needle in performance without losing my PRaT.

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The audioquest niagara 1200 is a good one and it has 2 high current sockets i found it better than the wall socket i got a home demo before i purchased it.

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I use an Audioquest 1000 with my Naim gear. It has only improved the system with no drawbacks. The best way to know is to try.