Power conditioning

There are lots of different designs when it comes to conditioners and some work well whereas others don’t. Shunyata works for me and I wouldn’t be without it. As always try and get a home demo if possible.

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Hello Hawkmoon - I’ve heard good things about Audioquest 1200 and their Niagra. (The Niagara is out of my reach) Im using Furutech’s GTX-D Gold recepticals. Thanks for your guidance.

Hi D.H. - Thanks for the advice. That’s two recommendations for Audioquest.


Always accurately diagnose a problem before assigning a solution. Conditioners cannot deal with every issue. You wouldn’t wake up one day thinking, I feel okay but I’ve decided if I take a green pill it will cure me of something.

Things like over voltage, offset, low frequency noise, RFI, earth pollution all have specific solutions. All solutions have some impact, so it makes sense to accurately diagnose a problem before applying treatment for just that.

Often, such devices increase the resistance which can really affect transient recovery on amplifiers. So, while I think their use can be valid, it doesn’t mean they are always valid. Would you have chemo on the off chance you might have cancer? Of course not. That would be nonsense. Is it a valid treatment for certain types of cancer? Absolutely.

Now, you can of course blindly buy a conditioner and you might have a mains issue it addresses and the result might be an improvement. But that is by no means guaranteed.

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Shunyata Venom UK 6, then add in their power cords. In the meantime throw away the WireMold it’s probably all oxidized inside.

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I’d concur with this. I’ve used the Isotek power board filters on my Nova, a SN2 and a 252/250. I found it good with the Nova and I’ve removed it from the 252/250 rig (which now has a triple piggy back arrangement 250/SC/555 into a single wall socket).

I think in your situation I’d be tempted to leave the SN direct to the wall and trial some options on the other components.

Opus - I never considered the oxidation issue. Thank you. I definitely like the performance of the Wiremold and it’s common ground aspect. I can purchase them from several US dealers if I choose to replace it.

feeling _zen - I actually had a long listening sessions today and really don’t feel the need to components to the collection. They’re doesn’t appear to br any audible voltage issues. Other than
Opus’s comment regarding oxidation I’m comfortably using one or two Wiremolds keeping the system ground on the same level.

Mike _S -The Supernait 3 is always plugged directly into the wall outlet.

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Mike_s - The Supernait 3 is always plugged directly into the nearest AC outlet.

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I tried an Audioquest Niagara 3000 at home, I didn’t return it: more detail (longer cymbal strike and more percussive snare drum attack).

But it’s still not day and night for the price!


I definitely want to replace my Wiremold. Maybe audition Isotek ama Shunyata.
Thank everyone for their insight !!

I certainly don’t want to lose any PRaT.
Thanks! garson

Thank you, jmennapel - we have several toroidal basses manufacturers here in th US.

Thank you Naim community! I believe I have many options and information to make an informed decision.

I tried a Audioquest Niagara 1200 together with my Uniti Nova and Focal Electra 1028 BE2 floorstanding speakers with TelluriumQ Black2 speaker cables. Source is Roon Nucleus+ with ripped CDs on internal SSD and Qobuz streaming. No vinyl.
It changed the sound signicantly. After 2 weeks of A/B listening I finally bought the Niagara, because I prefer the changes to the sound. More details and clarity and sounding cleaner in a good way, which means still lively with full of PRAT. But maybe you or others may prefer the sound out of the wall socket without the AQ. At last it depends on personal taste. So never buy without a profound trial with your own system at home.


It often seems to me that those purchasing them and testing them keep them and those that do not are against them :man_shrugging:


For the price of an expensive power conditioner you could upgrade your source. Improvement guaranteed.

What do you consider expensive?