Power conditioning

@Gracie.1 If you live in the USA contact The Cable Company… You can borrow all kinds of Power Line products, cords and so on. Just Google them. ask for John Pharo…


I’ve found the Isol-8 Minisub Axis a great addition and an improvement on the Wireworld I had previously. Not fixed amp hum in the way I’d hoped, but added refinement and clarity overall.

Interesting - I tried one of those (Isol-8) and just concluded it sucked the life out of the music. I had a Wireworld Matrix M2 or whatever it’s called, and was really not convinced by that either but far cheaper.

I think there are many potential upgrades/tweaks where you just have to demo the item - if it works great, if not try something else or forget that type of tweak.

In our previous place we had a mains conditioner which was to help cure the veey noisy black boxes that occasionally buzzed away. The only trouble was that although the Naim kit was quiet the massive toroid in the mains conditioner buzzed away. It really messed things up timing wise with bloated bass. It made a group trip to a friend in holland and out of all the things we did it got the shortest trial time. No one liked it at all. Surprisingly it got mainly good reviews except from one particular forum member who was quite adamant that it did not work :rofl:

Hello community - The two Furutexh GTX-D Gold recepticals and two Wiremold power strips with upgraded Furutech FI-50 plugs that are handling my basic AC distribution needs. I have a neutral presentation and sound great.

I am in the USA and am very familiar with TheCableCompany, thank you opus!!

I’m being encouraged by non Naim owners that are using both high performance and practical products in their system to try some conditioning products.

I am interested in some cost effective measures however I don’t want to take away anything from the sound I’ve built.

Well although there are reasons not to take medicine when you you are don’t know that you’re sick, the analogy stops there. Because unlike medicine, nothing is to stop you from “trying” any of these products. As long as you can return anything you don’t like the effect of.

One problem with expensive tweaks is the money does the thinking very often. If someone forks out $10K for a magic bobbin that claims to make things better than the brain will tell them “this is better, because the alternative is, I just wasted $10K”.

If you get to trial at no expense, you might hear something different and then if it sounds better to your ears feel more assured that expectation bias is not playing a role.

Experimenting with an open mind is always good. Spending the money first often inserts a psychological barrier that makes that difficult.

feeling_zen - Thank you for the analogy and kind words of wisdom. Fortunately my finances won’t allow anywhere near a 10k purchase and will have access to try before I buy on several products I’m considering.

I live in a 30 Unit Condominium - The building electrical feed splits into 30 individual unit feeds + building service feed. The system is electrically noisy, and there is no easy way to have a dedicated Audio system feeder - I have one duplex outlet to power the whole system. Therefore I have opted for a PS Audio Powerplant 12, and an IsoTek Sigmas. The Sigmas powers my SN3, HiCap, and other non-digital stuff. The PP 12 handles the NDX2/XPSDR, TV etc. This is working very well for me. It has all survived severall power outages with an occassional blown fuse.
An added feature of the PP 12 is that it has switchable Zones - I keep my CD and Blu-ray players off until needed. Also it has programmable “Soft” starts.

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NigelA10 - Thanks for your constructive feedback.
I run my system from two duplex outlets however not on a dedicated spur. A dedicated spur is not in the budget at this time so that’s why I’m considering portable power conditioning. I’m running my Supernait 3 directly into the wall outlet. I’m running two Wiremold strips out of the others.

You have a high quality system and I like your power conditioning choices. They appear to work well in your situation. I am trying to determine if I want passive or regenerated toroidal power. I’m only considering one unit at this time. I’m currently working with my Naim contact and two retailers on making arrangements for in home trials.

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I plug all my components (Naim, Luxman etc.) into a humble Isotek Evo3 Polaris using Isotek power cables and as soon as I did this I noted an improvement across the board, just a clearer more tight sound, particularly in the bass

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For me, the PS Audio P12 is essential. I run everything off it (including the ATC 40As) and hear nothing but benefits. Everyone is different though so demo is essential.

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I have used the IsoTek - Sirius EVO3 since I had my Supernait 2 and HiCap DR. Noticed the same positive effects as you describe. Nothing on the negative I could detect.

Now with the 282/250DR combo I have thought about trying running some components without the Sirius but can’t really decide which ones which could benefit most. So for now I leave it as is.

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Thank you all for the positive feedback! I’ve chosen an Isotek Evo3 Aquarius to demo. It’s an open box item so it has some burn-in time on it. That should help me evaluate it’s performance quickly.

remember the trick to evaluation isn’t AB comparison. Run the new item for a couple weeks. Then take it out and ask yourself if removing the new box makes you feel like you’ve gained or lost something.


Thank you, zen. That’s the plan. It’s already had some run time and I have a full 30 day return policy.

I should have mentioned that I also have an IsoTek Evo3 Synchro unii sine wave rebalancer installed forward of the Sigmas. As I said; my home is an electrically noisy environment and the PS12 and IsoTeks have it sorted.
Of note: the SN3 is much livelier hooked to the Sigmas than to the PS12.

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Chord powerhaus M6/S6 Is not mentioned here…Why ?any against?

Because those are distribution blocks and not conditioners? At least if the review on The Ear is correct, which states,

There are no switches or LEDs fitted to the Powerhaus, again for performance reasons, and Chord believes mains filters negatively impact overall performance, so they contain no such filters.


Hi NigelA10 - Unfortunately an Evo3 Syncro is not in the budget.

Hello - I havn’t received the Aquarius demo yet but I wanted to share an experiment I performed today. Currently I’m running my Supernait 3 plugged directly into the wall AC. I have my Wiremold operating all of my other power needs.
My Naim dealer stayed that the Wireworld was non current limiting. I have 5 components and aTV monitor plugged into the strip. The entire sustem was up and running so this morning I tested the veey last outlet with a Multimeter and it pegged the needle at 121.0 Volts!
I’m wondering if I need any additional conditioning at all ;^)

I have always thought that if Naim felt their kit would benefit from some sort of mains conditioner that they would design, build and market one themselves as I am sure there would be a big enough, and profitable, market for such.