Power Consumption of Olive HiCap, NAP 250 etc

I’ve got the old classic Olive setup of NAC 82, CDX, 2 Hi-caps and a NAP 250. You’ve just got to love how great 25 year old kit can still sound :slight_smile:

I want to tidy up the mains cabling and supply and wanted to know the power consumption of the units - so I know what I can hydra together. However, I can’t find the VA ratings for the old Olive units. Anyone got any ideas?

I’m also investigating a using a DC blocker for the 250 and the Hi-caps. I know there are, let’s say mixed, views on anything in the power line, but the constant hum from the transformers gets on my nerves and there are too many noisy things with poor quality power supplies in a house these days to try and track down a single source. So, I also need to understand the VA ratings to think about the requirements for a DC blocker, into which I might combine the hydra approach.

Same system and good question

I can find the VA ratings for the newer kit, but no doubt the old Olive boxes are likely to be less efficient and more power hungry. Would really like to tidy things up and also work out the right approach on a DC blocker.

I can’t give you a technical response, but I used, until recently, a 8x hydra on a CDS & PS, 52 with Supercap, Snaxo, supercap, 4x135s, and NAT01 & PS. This worked well until I got a NDS with 555PS.

@Camphuw - that’s interesting. All of that into one 13amp?

Yes that’s correct. I bought it after a visit to HQ back in the day (around 2001).

Hi @peteS,

I have a brochure with a product specifications page for those units and I will post a scan here soon. Hopefully it will provide the answers you need.


Thanks @GeoffC .

@peteS Hope this helps, click to enlarge.

Thanks @GeoffC. So, the 250 is 400 VA, and I found in another thread that the Hicaps are around 500VA - so probably 6A or so for that lot. Seems like there’s plenty spare on a 13A socket.


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