Power cuts

Arrived home today to find that there had been a power cut. The tell tale signs: bedside lamps on - check, music server off - check, Naim kit off - no!

Normally after a power cut I have to reset my Naim kit, but not today. Can anyone explain what happened?

What do you need to ‘reset’? After an unexpected power cut my Naim server, streamer and amp normally restart and return to normal service without any attention from me.

Well perhaps reset is the wrong word. Normally the supercaps and 135s trip the consumer unit.

I see - too many boxes all trying to start up at the same time. Not much you can do about that if the power cut is unexpected, other than checking that the circuit breaker is correctly specified for the circuit, and use a Type C rather than the Type B that is normally installed in domestic circuits.


The power cut was wide spread between Birdlip and Bisley. But it varied in length. The Greenshop was off power for five hours or so; whereas, I was off for two hours. I believe power cables were down, but earlier a power cut was caused by owls on the line - sadly electrocuted.

Another thing I noticed was that my Unitiqutes where muted when turned back on.

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