Power generator to reduce grid voltage

I see Electricity North West is planning to reduce its grid voltage to the lower end of the normal 220V to 240V range. I wonder what effect, if any, that will have on our music kit. And what effect it will have on people’s perception of its effect.

It should have no effect on anything, or at least it has not proven to be the case in the field testing.
This is called CLASS (Customer Load Active System Services) & is being done in conjunction with Siemens
They ran a 12-month trial in 2014/15 in areas that covered 485000 consumers, you never know, but that could’ve included you.
The ‘nominal’ voltage in UK is 230 Volts, +10% / –6% (253 Volts to 216.2 Volts)
Providing its within that range, all is OK

Any links Mike - saw the article mentioned in the Guardian but scant details apart from what you’ve written above. I take it this is managed at local substation level ?

Yes its at sub-station level.
www search ‘CLASS North West’ finds a lot of different reads on it, most contain a a lot of words but little real info for the technically nerdish. I intend to do some more digging when I have the time, but domestic duties are getting priority at mo.

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Cheers Mike - i’ll do a bit of googling and see what comes up.


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