Power Leads

System consists of

Linn LP12
Linn Radikal
NAC 282
Supercap DR

Currently these are powered from a dual wall socket.
The NAP250 is plugged straight into one socket using a powerline lite. The other devices are plugged into a bog standard power strip (one also via a Poweline Lite). The Powerline Lite’s came with recent acquisitions (Supercap DR and NDX2).

Im considering the use of a Grahams Hydra to tidy things up a bit, but wondering what the best arrangement might be.

Should the Linn Radikal be powered by the Hydra ?should I keep the NAP 250 powered directly from one of the sockets ? Power all the Naim components from a single Hydra and power the Linn Radikal directly from one of the sockets ?

I dont appear to have any real mains issues - no noisy components caused by interferance from other appliances on the mains for example.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

One other point… The Linn Radikal is powering a Urika phono stage as well as the LP12 motor.

If you use the LP12 for any significant amount, definitely get that powered on the socket by itself. I don’t like hydras at all, so would add more sockets. If that’s not possible, make your own trailing socket from MK and good quality thick wire. I can’t write it any more basically. Trust me. Oh, and buy Powerlines one day.

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