Power Line conundrum

Is it just me?

I recently replaced the PL lite on my XPS DR with a full fat PL (Pre-loved) and was impressed with the overal effect it had.
So, I embarked upon the purchase of 4 more full fat PLs to feed the Wireworld Matrix, HiCap, NAPSC and NAP 250. All purchased at a good price from a certain auction site.
Whilst I can appreciate that there is an overall refinement in presentation I am feeling that some of the excitement is missing. Treble seems restrained to a level where the system is sounding a little too laid back for me. I have given it a while to grow on me but the underlying feeling is that the treble needs some uplift.
I am going to experiment with swapping one at a time back to the “Lite” version to see if I can find a balance or to see if one component in particular is not liking the new cable.
I want the PLs to work but at present there is something missing and if required I can sell them at no real nett cost. Most people appear to have only positive words for the PL and after adding the first one I felt sure I would be in agreement.
Any ideas or similar experience? :thinking:

How long have you had them running?

Around two weeks now. They have been powered up during that time. I’m pretty sure the connections are good but feel I am missing something

All the Naim kit should respond to the PLs so start with the power hub, it might be the weak link. I’ve found many times that once you upgrade one part it shows up the weakness of another.

Worth a double check by reading:


Which leads me to think that the PL hasn’t fully engaged in the power bar because it can’t go in any further

Powerlines can be temperamental some times. I could never get one to work on my CDX2.2. It always made it sound a bit dull. If I stick the old standard Naim power cord back in and the sound just opens up. I’ve also tried, many times, to make them work using cheap and expensive power bars but have never had much success. Plugging them into standard unstitched MK twin wall sockets always gave a far better and more convincing sound - although this was into 6m2 armour core cable and a dedicated supply box.

I recently added 3 PLs too. I think there is little doubt the PL is (far) superior to the standard cords. However, adding improvements to a system can reveal / highlight weaker links in the chain elsewhere. The net result doesn’t necessarily have to play out as favourable.

Can you try the products direct-connected, rather than via the Wireworld Matrix?

That’s an idea but can only really separate one component at a time. I’ll try doing that but also try the Matrix with a PL Lite first. It’s frustrating as I both want the PLs to be better and to some degree they may be. However the lack of “sparkle” for want of a better word is too much of a trade off for me.
I’m planning on some experiments over the weekend so yours and the other suggestions are very helpful! Hopefully a “Eureka” moment will transpire!

Indeed! It may not be the Matrix, but i’ve heard the ‘strangling’ effect of numerous power products over the years…

So, swapped the PL on the Wireworld Matrix with a PL Lite. The sparkle has returned. The sound is much more dynamic and better balanced. The full fat PL probably doesn’t fit well in the Matrix IEC socket as suggested by 916SPS and Clare. Happy days!

:grinning: :+1:

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