Power-Line mains cable connected to Power Conditioner

Hi Naim Community.

I have a Uniti Atom HE connected to a Furman SS6B surge suppressor. The reason I am using the Furman is because of its 15 feet cord, as I don’t have a wall outlet near my rack.

I am planning to upgrade the Atom HE mains cable with a Power-Line cable and my question is if the performance of the Power-Line would be compromised by connecting it to this surge suppressor that also has standard EMI/RFI filtering.

I have read that the recommendation is to plug it directly into the wall outlet, but in my case, that is not possible as the nearest one is not close enough. Moving the rack is not an option either.

Thanks for any feedback you can provide on this matter.


For less than the price of a Powerline you could get an electrician to install a power socket where you need it.


@loaizaprat @ChrisSU ,

Good Question. I see that this device sells for AUD 60. Therefore I would expect it to be pretty basic device.

Go for it now, though; do as Chris has said long term. Make it a plan. It will allow you to appreciate the visual abience knowing that there are no unsightly leads hanging around.

I run a basic Belkin 8 outlet filter $69 AUD for my Naim equipment and a much more expensive Thor star earth device for the TT and phono amplifier and power supplies.

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Mitch in Oz.

It would not be sensible to get a £600 mains lead and connect it to a cheap filtered socket. As others have said, the best way is to get an additional socket installed. If it can have its own feed from the consumer unit, so much the better.

Another alternative is to get a mains lead of sufficient length. MCRU, for example, make a good quality lead in a 5.5m length for under £100.


Thanks for your reply. That doesn’t answer my question, though.

I doubt anyone really knows the answer to your question, as it is not something anyone on here has actually done.

My guess would be Yes - it would compromise the Powerline Lite.

I am with @ChrisSU on this… :thinking:


Naim kit doesn’t tend to work well with surge supressed mains blocks.

HH makes a good suggestion about getting a mains cable of sufficient length made up to connect your Atom HE directly to the wall socket.

I assume you may possibly be in the US ? If so it may be worth contacting someone like AV options who could make up something suitable for you.


No, but it does offer you a more practical and cost effective alternative you may not have considered.
If you did consider and reject the option of a relocated outlet, as you did with moving your rack,you didnt mention in your opening post.
People just trying to assist.

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If you can’t move the equipment rack or have a new wall power outlet installed ……

First junk the power conditioner, they all tend to degrade the SQ to some degree.

Consider not including a Powerline, I really question the cost of a Powerline when used with an Atom HE.

Then buy or (better plan) have a correct length trailing power lead made using best quality cable, plugs and sockets.

As you only have the Atom why not not go straight into the Atom IEC back socket with a quality Furutech (other brands are available) from wall outlet via your new long cable.



Reduces the amount of physical connections.


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IMHO Never known a PowerLine not to improve things no matter what I’ve connected it to/through……

However, whether it’s the best thing to do in your circumstances can only really be determined by your ears……

If your dealer will let you try before you buy, that’s probably the best way to go.


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First. For goodness sake, get rid of the surge suppressor.

Next, buy a 5 metre extension cable from wall socket to the Atom.

Later, if possible, get an engineer to fit a wall socket close to your Atom. From that, use your Power-Line.

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Thanks Mike. Is it a good option to use a non-Naim power cable with Naim gear?

You’re already doing exactly that with your Furman.

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Thanks. Why are you so boldly recommending to get rid of the surge suppressor? The Atom is currently connected there.

Because you don’t need it.

Hi @loaizaprat, yes its OK to use a non-Naim cable.
I may be a little synical, but having worked in electrical related all my life, … all power cables are made to comply to one or more interntional standards and regulations.
Naim Powerline cables, olthough spec’d by Naim, are made by a cable manufacture & the plug & socket fitted elswhere.
I don’t know where in the world you live, but in UK there is a sizable industry specialising in ‘audiophile’ cables, many vendors & different brands selling power cables & all the associated parts. Some cable & associated parts are more complex than others with different copper type/finish, various insulation compounds and with or without shielding/screening etc…
I suspect a lot of Naim units do have a ‘Naim’ cable but many owners go for one or other of these specialist audiophile cables. Outside of Naim, it has to be many many more.

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You don’t need it and they generally mess up the sound.

I use mains cables that have been cryogenically frozen, they seem to offer a very different sound stage.

The disturbing thing is considering other things people do in this forum I may actually feel need to google this to see if its real lol

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