Power line with hi line

I managed to get these second hand but they haven’t been delivered yet . Was thinking about plugging the powerline into my Nait XS and using the hi line between my NDX and the amp. Will I notice a big difference or will it just be a refinement of the existing sound ? Thanks

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At least that’s what I noticed when I made the change. But it was a CD5XS, not an NDX.

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We’ll all have different preferences. You’ll simply need to experiment.

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I get the hi line tomorrow - I will report back .

Is the NDX your only source? If so, then it might be worth trying the powerline on that too - see which you prefer. If you have multiple sources, putting it on the amp benefits all of them.

Hi Gavin , I also use the digital out in the Uniti Core into the NDX. I just put the hi line in a few hours ago . I am very impressed . It’s taken away the rough edges , it all sounds more full bodied and cohesive. Can’t wait to get the power line - think I’ll plug it into the NDX as you say .

I use a chord signature super aray from the core to the NDX - also a very good upgrade . Buying these cables second hand is definitely a cost effective way of upgrading . There’s no way I would pay full price for any of these cables though , you’d probably be better upgrading your components .

I’ve had the hi line from the NDX to the Nait XS for a couple of days now. The improvement is quite something , a big step up. I was always slightly sceptical of the hi line but it is truly magnificent .

… until it twists internally or breaks :slight_smile:

Oh no don’t say that ! I got mine second hand , it looks quite old but is in good nick …

I think it’s inproved my system by about 20%. I don’t think those lavender cables are up to much

I found the move from lavender to Hi-Line significant but over time found it was because of what it took out rather than what it added (lower noise floor etc.). When mine broke it was at the subject end and prior to it’s return I had the opportunity to put the lavender back in and was pleasantly surprised at just how great it was.

Appear to have had a near miss with the repaired cable. Had to work my way along the length using finger and thumb to gently untwist the two cables.

Great but of kit but my goodness it’s fragile.

It’s taken the brightness out of my system which was really annoying me . It smooths out the treble which is good. The bass is more extended I think , a bit more detail overall . Will do a comparison in week or so with the old lavender .

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