Power line

Is a power line best used on a power supply, amp or source ? Thanks

IME with a Powerline Lite source is the best starting point. In my case this was the Hicap supplying my NAC82.

Unfortunately you will have to try the PowerLine in turn on all your components to hear where the greatest benefit is to your system and to your ears. Much has been written about this topic in the old forum and different people preferred it on different components. FWIW I preferred it on the power supply (feeding the preamp).


Totally agree. Logically you’d want it on the pre toimpsctall sources. Mine has ended up on the 200. A full loom of them sounded too much too. Your mileage will vary.

Interesting Mike; two people … two different outcomes. My system was not dissimilar to yours and we finished up with different outcomes.

Indeed. Just goes to show how much subjectivity is involved. We’ll have different definitions of great sound even if we all love Naim. The health of our ears is also a much underestimated variable.

Easy for me! I have a nova so it feeds scource and amp…:grinning:

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