Power mismatch between Naim Atom and Monitor Audio Silver 300's?

I’m on the verge of buying Naim Uniti Atom and Monitor Audio Silver 300’s, but am a little worried about the power match up.

The Monitor Audios spec states 80 – 200 W, but the Atom only delivers 40W? Is the Atom ok to use with these speakers? From the little I’ve been able to read on this topic it appears that the Atom may result in clipping and overheating?

Possibly the MA Silver 200’s instead with power rating 60 - 150W?

Any help gratefully received to avoid making an expensive mistake.

Why not take some of your music and go have a listen ?

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Are the speakers coming from the same dealer as The Atom ? They should know if this is a mismatch :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:My personal feeling is that the 200 may be easier to drive

It’s worth reiterating the advice to listen to the chosen system at home. You simply cannot buy a system on specifications. A large speaker driven by a modestly powered amp can lack bass control and boom. It’s also worth considering whether for the same money you could get a smaller but perhaps higher quality speaker. The Silver 300 is a large box with lots of drivers and with all that MDF and metal the quality has to be compromised somewhere. Neat Motive SX2 or Kudos X2 might be a better bet. Maybe the ProAc Tablette 10. Whatever, try them at home.


“Power rating” is going to be essentially worthless for trying to figure out how well a given amp can drive a given pair of speakers.

The Atom is a nice little unit (I own its predecessor, the UnitiQute2), and properly matched to speakers will be very enjoyable for you. But as HungryHalibut said, the tried-and-true advice is to audition at home, in your room. Undoubtedly when you connect it up you’ll get music out of the speakers. But with a critical listen you’ll be able to tell - probably a long listen, not the type you can do while standing around a hi fi store - whether the soundstage, imaging, and particularly the quality of the bass, are attributes you’ll want to listen to over the long term.

And if you’re buying at a full-fledged hi fi store, the staff should be able to help get you started.

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They are a lot of box for a little bit of money, the 300 are about £550 and the 200 £400, my suspicion is that all the budget is going on the Atom (we have all been there) . I would respectfully suggest a pair of second hand speakers , as we know unless they are thrashed speakers can last a very long time.

From MA,
Monitor Audio Silver 300
Minimum Impedance: 3.5 ohms @ 146 Hz

That’s far from ideal for the Atom - not a good match.


For the sort of money that is being proposed a floor standing pair Q Acoustic 3050 with a minimum power requirement of 25 w would be (imho) a viable alternative

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