Power NAC 152XS with Supercap


Can a supercap power a NAC 152 XS?

My 252 may be broken and I want to test out and at the same time have a temp system running by using the 152 XS from the second system in the main system while it goes for repair.

If yes, how would you connect it optimally. As to he NAC 152 can have two PS (Hicap and Flatcap) would a supercap also provide two power connections for audio and electronics.


I cannot be sure but I think yes. Naim website products page only talks about FC or HC. Presumably because Naim don’t think anyone would try a SC.

A Snaic 5 would power upgrade 1 of the NAC152XS from your SC.

Hopefully @NeilS, @Richard.Dane or AN Other will confirm.

Hi there, yes you can use a Supercap to do this. The best way is with two Snaic 5s from the two 5 pin sockets (one above the other) on the SC to the upgrade 1 & 2 on the 152.
Make sure that upgrade 2 connects to the lower 5 pin on the SC.



NAC152XS + SuperCap? Yes. Though only one side, unlike Flatcap XS, which is two discrete power supplies. Supercap is analogous to a HiCap. 152 can take a pair of SuperCaps or a pair of HiCaps.


That’s not correct. You can use both 5 pin outputs from a Supercap with a 152, just like you would if powering an 82 or 282. Neil explains this above.

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Thank you all. I will give this a try.

You will have a lot of fun with the SC2 into the 152XS, i know i did when i dropped a SC2 on my office system of CD5XS/Flatcap2X/NaitXS/IBLs… the SC2 went on the Nait.

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Please report back when you get the 152 in the big rig.

The 152 powered by 2x24v via a SC now thats an interesting combo

How I’m looking forward to reading phrases like ‘breathtaking’, ‘I don’t know what all the fuss is about with the 252’ and ‘giant-killer’ :wink:


Thank you for the correction, Nigel. Interesting capability of the SuperCap. Updating my notes. Nick

OK. I finally managed to get the 155XS working with the Supercap. Thank you all for your help.

This was indeed an eye opener for me. The 152XS/SP was much more detailed, better highs and tighter base. It certainly revealed that the age of the 252 was certainly a major limitation in the main system.

The 252 is around 17 years old and I have owned it for 10 years. I don’t believe it has been serviced. It just stopped working yesterday after I dismantled the system to clean it up and put it together again. The naim logo lights up but not sound.

The Supercap is about 8 years old. I need to establish wether it is a DR or not. My notes show it is DR but there is no DR sign on the back.

I think a serviced 252 will bring back the magic and sparkle of the 252. Even in its unserviced state the music separation is better on the 252, it’s just that it has become a bit dull.

I would be interested to hear other peoples experience of the 252 issue and the difference after a service.




You were pretty close on my experience. If I have to choose between the 252 and 152XS in their current form, I will pick the 152XS anytime. But I live in hope that the 252 will bring back the magic after fix and service.


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Thanks. Obviously I love hearing how fantastic the 152 is. But I am not naive enough to think that the 152 will still be your favourite when your NAC252 returns.

Is the 152XS still loads of fun or have you got the 252 back now?


@ASenna04 What’s the latest?


Sorry for the delay. I was going through some evaluations and was going to get back when done.

My 252 will take some to get serviced. So over the holidays I had a loan 252 from the dealer to test what a newly serviced sounds like against a loan 552.

And yes, as expected the new 252 is much better compared to mine. Top end is cleaner and precise and much better low end compared to 152. The sparkle is there. It is much more open, everything is more spaced out.

The problem is I have now heard the 552 in my system.:astonished:


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