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Anybody know why my power button on my naim amp not clicking in for power on it keeps popping out.

On the 300 or what? Most likely explanation seems to be that it is broken … :face_with_head_bandage:
Well or not according to next post. Never had this with mine, but then I have only used the button like 5 times :slight_smile:

Happens occasionally when I had a 300. Try pressing in slowly and fully. This has come up before on the forum.

Yes 300dr

Yes sometime it does click back in not sure why it’s happening.

I press the buttons only with a slight trepidation and all the firm resolution I can muster, be it SC, 300, or 555. It’s more like launching nuclear rockets :slight_smile: But never had that happen

There was quite a bit of advice here:

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Slightly off topic but has anyone else noticed that the power button on the DR units has a heavy resistance/rough quality to being pushed compared to the old non DR buttons which were really slick in comparison.

Hope the OP gets it sorted.

Yes my xps2 non dr the button is smooth the supercap dr is a bit grinding when pushed the 300 dris the same i bought mine new Feburary 2019 and the button was never right I have to send it back for new button luckily if still in warranty.

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I’ve had that happen to my 300DR. It happened just as the first lockdown started last year which limited my option to return the unit.
So, with the unit unplugged, I pressed the button about thirty times and found that after popping out a few times initially the button began to catch. Still undecided as to whether or not to return it under warranty.
Not happened in nearly a year now. Having said that I had to power the system down today as the electric supply was cut off for maintenance. Hope it behaves tomorrow …

You should be able to turn the power on and off without fighting with the button I leave my amp on most of the time I powered down today because of thunder storms so I used the button very rarely approx 10 time in 2 years.

After posting last night, and while the system was still powered down, I pushed the power button on & off on all the boxes a couple of times. The HiCap DR and the XPS2 are both silky smooth, the Supercap DR less so and the 300DR feels quite lumpy, even though the button did seem to catch properly every time.

The HCDR and the XPS2 are from 2012 and 2003 respectively and the SCDR and 300DR are from 2017. The power button sticks out more when powered down in the later, less smooth buttons so I suspect either a new supplier or a bad batch. They certainly don’t feel as premium as the older ones.

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Yes they are not the same mine is still stuck when I press in it won’t click for on i have contacted my dealer just waiting for response. My unit is 2019 so could be bad batch.

My dealer say at least 6 week for repairs because of covld restriction so I have tape over button until restrictions are lifted after restrictions maybe 2 weeks so I can live with the tape for now.

I knew I wasn’t imagining it. I’ll go for a change of design or supplier over a bad batch though.

I’ll keep you posted when I have if repaired looks like a while off though. Always handy to have a good roll of tape available.

Mine seems to work fine now but definitely a lower quality button.

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