Power Stageline from SuperUniti

Basic question, sorry. But could someone tell me, will an original SuperUniti power a Stageline, thus obviating need for power supply? If so, could you explain how it’s done?
Thanks, Curious

Unfortunately not, you would need a PSU such as a Hicap. This would make a nice phono stage, but possibly more boxes/expense than you were hoping for?

Thanks for your response. I think I’ll have to find an iSupply.

That would be the cheaper solution, if you can find one. I’d be temped to try and listen to some other phono stages too.

I’m going to ask for help again. Can someone explain, in detail, how I use an iSupply with Stageline N and SuperUniti. I grasp that the iSupply is plugged into mains. Then the dedicated DIN from the iSupply goes into the Stageline. But how does it all connect to the SuperUniti?

How many DIN sockets do you have on the back of your Stageline?
(Older versions had one, more recent versions have two)

I wonder what turntable and cartridge you have? As suggested above it would be worth looking at other phono stages. For example if you have a Rega cartridge a Rega Fono would make sense, one little box and no power supply required.

If you get a Stageline you power it via the 5 pin socket and then connect a 4 pin to 5 pin interconnect to the other one.

AFAIK you would return the signal from the Stageline with a Naim 4pin to 5 pin DIN interconnect. The 5 pin goes into Aux on your SuperUniti. The Stageline would have to be the current model one with two DIN sockets. @Richard.Dane will be able to confirm. Probably quite a few others too.

Chris is correct here. It needs to be a later Stageline, not one of the early ones. You would then take signal from the Stageline into AN1 on the Superuniti via a 4-5 interconnect.

The Stageline is older. Just one DIN socket.

I wonder if it would be technically possible to have a split cable made up, taking power in from the PSU and signal out to the SU? I realise I’m treading on thin ice with forum rules here, but maybe a call to Naim or a dealer would be worth a try? It would need to be wired carefully, as I notice there are two +V in pins, so maybe it’s not a good idea?

I was wondering exactly the same thing. It would need to be wired to ensure earthing was correct but it would be a real shame to have to replace it with a newer version. If such a wiring job could be done then an isupply for under £100 would be all that’s needed.

I can’t see how to use an iSupply on this older Stageline that has only on DIN socket.

Read what Chris wrote above. You’d need to ask Naim if it were possible.

No, there was a small internal mod made to later Stagelines. I don’t think it can be applied and an extra socket added to earlier ones. The cable on the i-Supply is captive anyway.

So if it’s an early Stageline then the i-Supply cannot be used.

That is because you cannot.

An older Stageline would need any variant of a flatcap, a hicap or a supercap, if it was to be used with a SuperUniti. In all cases a 4-5pin interconnect would be used to return the signal from the *cap to the SU.

Well, that settles it. This Stageline goes into retirement. Thanks for the contributions, everyone.

Amongst the phono stage options open to you, a newer Stageline, a used i-Supply and a 4-5 i/c still strikes me as a good one.

Depends how much you want to throw at it. And whether you want the boxes to have complementary designs.

That’s why I asked. In which case you need one of the ‘Caps. SNAIC from Stageline to ‘Cap, then 4 pin (240) to 5 pin(180) cable from ‘Cap to SU.

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