Power Strip Extender

Hi everyone, I am looking for a good quality a power strip / line extender 6 outlets to connect my Naim 300 Dr + N-272 + Uniti Core.

I have heard good opinion about Isotek V5 Polaris?

Thank You in advance for Your comments.


I have not heard that strip. However, FWIW, I have always understood that Naim kit really wants a simple star-earthed supply. Given the cost of this, you might opt to explore getting a Hydra (try Grahams Hifi) as a purist option.

I am sure other people will have other opinions…


Yes, You are right. I have heard about “Grahams Hydra” extender and it’s recent test at the Bristol Hi-Fi show, it came out on top for connecting multiple Naim units into a single power outlet.

Thank You.

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