Power strip v Power block

I’m curious if there are any inherent benefits to a power block (distribution only not conditioner) over a power strip?

Moving to an AV Options Ultra HBL power strip gave me a noticeable drop in noise floor so I’m curious if a block is able to improve upon those benefits or are they rather similar constructs.

I suspect it depends how it’s wired and add a touch of YMMV.
A simple power strip wired in busbar (daisy chain) will probably not sound as good as a power block wired in radial.
Radial has worked for me with my own DIY power block experiments & I’ve experimented with all possible wiring configurations, ring, busbar & radial, plus a radial/ring hybrid.

PS: Just to be clear what busbar & radial are re. power sockets.
Power Socket Connections

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That makes sense. The ultra hbl strip is still a strip, albeit well made.

The block I’m considering is the vibex one 7R, not familiar with the product but was wondering if it should perform better than the HBL.

Here’s the marketing/specs.

The One-7R grounding design also isolates each receptacle in a manner to prevent noise from migrating between components. This allows digital components (typically more “noisy”) to be plugged into receptacles downstream of more critical analog components without “polluting” those components.

Vibex power distribution internal components utilize the finest in receptacle hardware and wiring without using any current limiting devices. The receptacles and IEC on the One-7R are made from Rodium and copper and each receptacle is stripped to minimize ferrous metals and thoroughly “potted” in place. These units are also bulletproof and will not wear out or fail unlike most traditional power blocks and conditioners.

The One-7R models are perfect for small to medium systems, solving ground issues, adding receptacles off a single outlet, use with TVs, computers, and other audio/video components. Ultimately, they significantly improve the sound of your system without altering the intended character of your system. The only products we know of that better these great value products are Vibex’s higher tier products.

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I shall say what I always say when this point is raised, get a Hydra!

(Grahams HiFi, Canonbury Yard, Islington, London.)


Ansuz then you get improvement that in strict terms is not conditioning, or maybe it is?

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Yeah, not interested in the Hydra and not interested in active filters as I point out. I don’t think passive filtering is a concern so long as it’s not limiting current.

Yes, I’ve just looked at the equipment listed in your Profile, and see that you don’t use any Naim stuff at all, so all is clear.

I have an all Naim system with Powerlines and Ultra HBL power strip developed by AV Options formerly the NANA folks, so yeah, no “Naim stuff at all”.

Not what appears in your Profile, ‘so yeah’ (whatever that’s supposed to convey).

It’s all in my profile. :smiley:

Yet here you are. Let me help you. Now we can move on.

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To be fair to Graham, if you just click on your profile picture you do just get a profile summary and it doesn’t show a lot, so perhaps an easy mistake to make.

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The Audience AR6 PDC developed with the help of Chris Koster from NANA is another option I’m considering. It’s more than double the cost of the Vibex.



Let’s be civil with one another (and patient where need be). Thanks.


Nice system!

I suspect with your HBL, which I also have, you’d be better off upgrading elsewhere, and if not interested in doing so, probably best to just push thoughts of tinkering with the mains block out of your mind. I found the value of the Wiremold (which I’m guessing you maybe had at one point) to be incredible. The HBL is certainly better. Not saying one can’t do better than the HBL, but the overall balance of the product is superb and changing over to something else may simply be a lateral move that you regret. When I switched from the Wiremold I had pretty much moved up or upgraded elsewhere in the playback chain, and, prior to that point, the Wiremold allowed the other system changes to be heard. On later reflection I could have easily justified keeping the Wiremold and continued investing in the system. Like saving for a 500 to replace my 250! :smile:

I have my network pretty much optimized and have no interest in going back to separates at this time so there aren’t many places to upgrade at this point.

I figured this would be a good discussion with all the talk of mains, power blocks, power strips, etc, and I haven’t seen where a strip has been compared to a distribution block.

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