Power supply of Stageline N

Hi all,

My current setup:

-NAC202 with Hicap DR
-nDac with XP5XS
-Stageline N powered by NAC202

Should I buy highcap or flatcap xs to power the stageline N in order to get better performance? Is the difference significant?

Thanks all!

I’d put a napsc on the 202 before doing anything else. Whether another Hicap is worthwhile rather depends on which turntable and cartridge you have.

Thx for your reply. I already got NAPSC on NAC202.

I am new in Vinyl world, I am now using a used Pro-Ject Perspective with 9 tonearm and Ortofon 2M Bronze.

I think it could be a good idea to ask your dealer whether they can arrange a demo of each option; I think the Hicap will definitely be the better of the two, but by how much I couldn’t say, and it is a lot more money.

I’m sure that’s very good, but whether it’s sensible to use a Hicap/Stageline with it I’m less sure. With my Rega P6/Ania I use a Rega Fono MC, which costs £250 and matches perfectly. For the cost of a Hicap you could probably swap the 202 for a 282, which would improve streaming performance too. Just a thought. It depends partly on how important records are to you. Say you later bought a better deck, such as a Rega 8, you’d probably want a Rega cartridge and phono stage, so the extra Hicap would be redundant. As Richard says, you really need to give the options a listen.

Worth a listen with a Hicap, I wouldn’t bother with a FCXS. You will need a Naim 4-5pin interconnect to return the signal to one of the unused inputs on the NAC202.

I have some agreement with HH’s view on the NAC282 too. My general view of power supplies in NaimWorld is that it is not so much which power supplies you have, it’s what you put them on that counts.

Thx for your reply!

It makes sense!

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I’m using a Stageline N from AUX 2 of a 282/HC in my second system and fed from a Decca it’s surprised me how good it is.
With a superline I’ve tried all the power supply options and AUX comes second only to a supercap via a Burndy beating even a supercap via a Snaic in terms of musical coherence and emotional impact, a detail freak might decide otherwise. There’s reputed to be a small cost to pay with other sources but the 282 system also has a naked CDX2 and that still sounds good to me with the stageline powered up.


Good advice above regarding pre amp. I would continue using Aux2 with your present Hicap powering the pre, whatever the pre is. I’m presently enjoying a Stageline ‘S’ on a Nait 5 with Aux2 in my 2nd system. Having just added a Hicap2 on the Nait 5, the whole performance has made a big leap with the turntable as well as helping the UQ2 as a source. I’ve found over the years that Aux2 was always the best option, and i remember how well my 552 Aux2 socket powered a Prefix😀

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I have used the hicap and stageline with a 202 myself. It sounds good but a Lejonklou Gaio mm was much better.


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I had flatcap then hicap on my past Stageline. The flatcap was black, the hicap was second hand olive. This last gave a nice uplift.
I would go for a second hand hicap, or other brand phono. It’s not worth buying a new hicap.


Finally I got a used Flatcap XS at a reasonable price for my Stageline.

May I check with you guys the connection method. I am now connecting the AUX2 of my NAC202 with napsc and hicap DR.

Thx again!

SNAIC 5 between Flatcap 2xs and Stageline, then 4-5 interconnect between Flatcap and NAC202.

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Thx Richard

Before I upgraded my LP12 early this year I once used an hicap2 with it. The hicap DR matched to the 202.
It was better but not really open-hearing to justify the expense , I were you I’d buy it only if you’re planning to get a superline and keep the sound signature.
Otherwise try something else

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