Power Supply Order - Does it make any difference?

Hi all,

I have my power supply fraim set up with the 552 PS on the bottom, then 500, then 555A and finally 555D on top. I have a CD555 btw not an ND.

Thinking of a rebuild/clan soon as its been almost a year and wondered if any of you had noticed a difference in sound due to order?

Thanks in advance!

I take it that your 500 sits at the bottom of your brain stack, and that your 552 is at the top? (it really does benefit from being up there).

I started off with my 500PS next to the 500 head unit, but subsequently swapped it out with one of the 555PS, as it helps keep the connecting Burndy clear of the floor.

Bearing in mind that my brain stack uses Fraim tall shelves, and the brawn one regular shelves, then this is what I have:

Here’s a piccy:

I find this also makes the dreaded cable dressing more straightforward, with nuffink touching nuffink else.

Hope this helps.



Blimey Dave, lovely setup! Can’t comment on order I am afraid tho. :+1:t2:

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Hi @dave-marshall

Thanks for your reply. On the brain side I have the Musicworks block on the bottom shelf (mainly to get it off the floor rather than for sound quality) then the 500 on top of a med shelf, Nat01 head (unconnected currently) on top of a med shelf, 552 on top of a std shelf and CD555 on top of a med shelf.

The CD player needs to be on top. There is space between the CD and Nac due to the Med shelf. The Nat01 is directly below the Nac though, not sure on the impact of this on the Nac. I could switch the std shelf to the very bottom and use the Med shelf thats at the bottom to give more space but having the 500 higher helps with the cable dressing although I could space the Fraims further apart.

My main concern was as to wether the 552 was being compromised by having its power supply on the bottom shelf.

This is what it currently looks like if that helps…


The space with the remote is where the Nat01 head sits but I need another Level for its power supply and also need a decent arial fitting to get it up and running. Not easy to do any of those things over the last few months!

Hi, @Steve,

Had I taken the trouble to have looked at your profile, I’d have seen that your source is the wonderful CD 555, which, clearly, has to go at the top, so apologies for my ramblings about the 552.

When I had a CD player, I had three stacks of Fraim, but then ran into problems with the lengths of interconnecting cables.

Others may comment, but I don’t imagine your 552 PS is being compromised between the 500 PS and 555 PS, regardless of relative transformer sizes, and with my brawn stack, their positions were more to do with ease of cable dressing.

Looks like a straight choice to me … acquire a third stack of Fraim, so your 552 head unit gets a bit of air round it … or swap your CD 555 for the latest kid on the block, an ND555!

Only joking! :laughing:

@dave-marshall haha!!! Well the ND555 is something that could happen in the future! 3 stacks is out of the question sadly as there is no space in our living room unless I get rid of a chair!

The 552 ps is actually the lowest one with the 500 above it, admittedly with medium spacing. I have always avoided the bottom on the brain side as the sound seems to be a bit dead but never experimented with the power supplies due to lack of spare levels and height issues!

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