Power Supply Stacking Order

The power supplies in my “brawn” stack are positioned, from the bottom up, as follows : 555DR / 500DR / 555DR / 552DR.

The 500DR is now between the two 555DR’s as this has improved cable dressing no end, with all Burndies running more or less parallel to each other, with nothing touching.

It’s been mooted that the top 555DR, which has the largest transformer would be best kept away from the 552 power supply, so is it worth moving the 500DR up under the 552DR, or am I worried about nothing?

The fun just never stops. :roll_eyes:

I would say that the best stacking order is getting the Burndies in the right place without touching and without crossing any signal cables.

Which sounds exactly how you have it so stop worrying about it Dave and get back to enjoying the music :slight_smile:



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OK, will do, I may have been guilty of overthinking things. :roll_eyes::laughing:

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