Power Supply Upgrade Choices


I have a NAC 152XS and NAP180. I`m really stuck deciding what to upgrade next, do i pick a power supply? If so what’s the best option?


I should imagine a used and serviced (non DR) HiCap would offer a very worthwhile improvement. Works wonders on a 202 so should do similar on a 152.

Don’t forget the FC2XS - you can use both power supply outputs to power the 152XS.

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Very effective IME. And cheap too :blush:

One option might be to chop in your NAP180 for a NAP200DR. That way you get the DR tech into the preamp.

So, a change of power amp rather than the addition of a power supply.

I suspect very few here will have done it with the NAC152XS. You will have to try it and see what you think. Please report back.

Welcome btw! :slight_smile:


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You don’t mention your source. An 82 with or without Hicap would be a cost effective upgrade…

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I’d aim to get to 202/200 before adding power supplies. I’d swap the pre next.

I would just get a Hicap for now. Given that you asked what you should upgrade next, that will pave the way for a preamp upgrade. I would then hold out for a 282 or an 82, and keep the 180 until I could afford a 250.

Good morning all :slight_smile:

Yes sorry, i should have mentioned that, source wise i mainly use a Pi with an allo-boss v1.2 DAC and an Audiolab 8000CDM/DAC combo. The Pi is surprisingly good. This of course is low end compared so many of you but for me it`s a good start.

I`ll look into those three options, FC2XS, Hicap and a 200DR.


Thank you :slight_smile: Glad to be here sir!

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I mentioned the NAP200DR because at the time of the NAC152XS’s launch, it was recommended that it be paired with either a NAP155XS or a NAP200. The NAP200DR didn’t exist at the time. But I don’t see why it shouldn’t have the same positive beneficial effects upon the NAC152XS that it reportedly has when powering other Naim preamps.

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what speakers do you have?

At the moment a pair of B&W 707 S2`s, this is in the study so a small ish room.

I have the predecessor, the cm1. Nice speakers if bass ports are closed (bungs) and not too close to a wall.

They love power since they are inefficient loudspeakers.

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