Power Supply Upgrade Options

Hey Guys,

Looking for some advice. I have a NAC272 with a NAP300, running some Focal Sopra 2, which I’m really happy with. However I have the chance to add an external power supply to the 272 and a bit unsure which way to go.

Option 1 - buy a new XPS DR, this isn’t too bad on dollars.
Option 2 - buy a new 555PS DR, this is expensive but it’s new.
Option 3 - I have found a second hand 555PS DR from 2013 that I can buy and get a factory recap done. This is about half the cost of the new 555PS DR.

So what do you guys think? Would the second hand factory recapped 555PS DR be better than a XPS DR? Maybe the same as a new 555PS DR? Or just buy new 555PS DR?

Any feedback is certainly appreciated.

The 555DR is the better option, especially with your speakers and power amp.

The service interval for the 500 series is 15 years so a recap on the 2013 model is still some years away so that’s the option I would probably go for. It should perform as well as a new unit as long as you respect service intervals and will be better than an XPS DR.

At 8 years old the used 555 won’t have started to noticeably deteriorate, and the consensus on here has long been that a 555DR on a 272 provides a much bigger uplift than an XPSDR. I tried both and could have saved the time and minor additional expense of buying one then the other.

Go for the s/h 555DR and get it recapped in about 7 years time (working life expectancy of the caps in the 500 series is 15 years before replacement is advisable).

The 555DR is well worth it on a 272 when connected to a 300.
If you go for the XPS you’ll always be thinking “What if…”; if you then heard what a 272 / 555DR can do that would change to “Why didn’t I!”.


Having had a XPSDR then 555DR on a 272 with 300 I agree with this. As long as the 555 is in good condition and looks cared for it’s a no brainer.

Always - buy the pre-loved unit, for less - and get it serviced, as/when required.

More Music, for Less £/$/Euro… :blush:

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555 ps great upgrade for you :+1:

Thanks guys. Appreciate the input.

I’m certainly leaning towards the second hand 555PS DR now.

Does anyone know what is involved in the factory recap service? Is is just replacing the capacitors, or a full service and check over?

I had exactly the same system with the 272, 300DR and Sopra2.
I replaced the XPS by the 555DR, it was a major uplift. No regret move.
You will have a great system. Probably the sweet spot in Naim offer.

Full service and checks

Get the used 555 :+1: I have one on my 272/300DR setup and it’s great. Had XPSDR prior to that. Not bad at all but 555 is indeed better.

Thanks for the help guys. Will be going the second hand 555PS DR.

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That… is the correct choice - IMHO.

Always - go pre-loved… :blush:

Just got a preloved 555 on my 272. It’s dreamy on my 200, so will be wonderful with the 300. That my next target.

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