Power to drive Linn kaber

Hi, my system is like this, naim nd5xs+xp5xs, naim nac 202/hicap/napsc/nap 200, my speakers i have used for a Long time is audiovector S3 signature, but i have a problem controling bas under 35Hz in the room, so i recentlig bought a pair of Old Linn kaber in good condition, they where in aktiv mode but i have bought a used kaber passiv crossover.
The new Sound of the system is a little laid back, bas is no problem any longer bud they don’t Sound open, the midband sounds lean, is this becourse the nap 200 don’t have enough power to drive Them ?
Will a second nap 200 do the job ? (Bi-amping)
Regards Dan

The Kabers loved to be triamped (active or passive) or driven by something like a single Klout.

I’m sure a second 200 will get them moving in the right direction. A single 250 moreso. It would be tempting to keep driving them active but that’s 4 more boxes than you have now and a small fortune.

I have to ask, did they come with the Kustone plinths and latest spec tweeter? Both were essential to getting Kabers to shine. Are the passive crossovers in good condition? At that age, an original set probably needs new caps.

FWIW, Kabers are one of my alltime favorites. I’d take a pair over SBLs any day.


They came with the latest tweeter (15/3 and 7/2 bas mid driver), they have the ku-Stone stands, the passiv crossover is an older on, i also have the aktiv crossover box for them.

I had Kabers many years ago…initially powered by a 250 and then actively by 3 x LK140…I could never get them to sound anything other than bass light/thin.
To anyone who does get bass from them, well done, considering the size of the bass drivers.

It’s not bas heavy, thats way i bought them, i don’t wont to ressel with my room any more.
I Think the top Sound clear and reasenebol airy, the base they play is not deep but very akurat, the midt sounds a little dead or shut in, a little dull.
So Will a secound nap 200 do the job ?

Long time ago, I’ve heard the Kabers many times in many configurations … also one of my alltime favourites :smiley:

While it’s long ago, I do believe that Kabers benefit from the additional power a Klout or NAP250 could provide and tend to believe that powering them with a single better amp is better than going active with lesser amps.

Make sure yours are latest spec, I believe you can search the internet for a product history.

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