Power up after power cut

I’ve done a search but found nothing conclusive but if there’s a power cut and I cannot get to the gear in time and it powers up with everything switched on I imagine this gear is resilient enough to deal with it without after-effects? Happened Sunday during the Didcot power station thing

Nothing you can do about it - it might pop a bit as normally you’d like to switch on the power amp last but no harm should be done.

As James sez, no real harm will be done.
The inrush current might be enough to trip your power circuit RCB, but that will depend on the number of transformers all coming on-line.
When I designed my DC blocker I was concerned that it was able to take such a simultaneous power up & I ended up happy that whilst not to be encouraged, such a switch on was OK.

I had this happen several times over the years with older equipment and it always powered up again without problem. I am sure the new equipment will be as resilent.

We have fairly regular power cuts here, sometimes just for a few minutes (maybe just a squirrel crossing the exposed copper cables running down from the main road), and all the Naim kit is (so far) fine.

I take it the Squirrel may not be so lucky ?

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When it happens it’s always worth taking a walk down the tree line where the exposed power cables run. If it’s a deceased squirrel who’s the culprit then Louby lou the Jack Russel usually finds it in the undergrowth.

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